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Jan 13 2022

Ratings Collapse for Biden and CNN

The Blaze offers hope with two stories on ratings.

Biden’s ratings are in freefall:

Biden’s approval rating among Americans polled in the newest Quinnipiac poll cratered to a new low as high inflation continued to hamper the economy.

Only a third of Americans, or 33%, said that they approve of the job Biden is doing as president.

It would be amazing that even that many approve of the incompetent, obnoxious, corrupt, senile, and creepy figurehead for the radical left who has driven inflation into the stratosphere with wasteful spending and his malicious War on Energy — until you consider that he still has the support of the media that placed him in power. Speaking of which,

For the week of Jan. 3, CNN saw an average daily viewer count of only 548,000 viewers. That represents an 81% drop from the network’s average viewer count in the same week from last year, when it garnered 2.7 million viewers.

Last year, CNN and the Democrats had January 6 going for them. But as increasingly desperate attempts to exploit it make clear, January 6 hysteria has petered out among the general public.

Worse still for CNN was the network’s ratings among prime-time viewers, where it lost 89% in a key demographic year over year. Among viewers ages 18 to 49 years old, CNN lost 91% year over year.

CNN’s scandals have not helped, including top anchor Chris Cuomo using underhanded tactics to defend former liberal heartthrob Andrew Cuomo, and producer John Griffin allegedly grooming children for sexual assault.

CNN can survive these scandals, but it might not survive being viewed as the American Pravda — a propaganda organ for a rotten and dysfunctional establishment.

Moonbattery may have hit its high water mark a year ago. Biden’s first constructive accomplishment has been to demonstrate so that few could fail to notice that the deranged and degenerate Democrat Party will destroy the country if not pried loose from power. The media that props it up has never been less trusted.


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