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Aug 16 2022

San Francisco Unveils Extravagant Trash Cans

San Francisco’s long-awaited $20,000 trash cans are here at last:

What takes four years to make and costs more than $20,000? A trash can in San Francisco. …

City officials hired a Bay Area industrial firm to custom-design the pricey trash can along with two other prototypes that cost taxpayers $19,000 and $11,000 each.

The reason San Francisco has not yet collapsed into a heap of rubble is that leftist bureauweenies operate at a glacial pace:

San Francisco began its search for the perfect trash can in 2018 when officials decided it was time to replace the more than 3,000 public bins that have been on the streets for almost 20 years.

Finally, they have prototypes. The Soft Square model costs $20,900. That’s enough to house one of San Francisco’s pampered derelicts for several days, if you don’t count room service.

The cost of buying them in bulk will be somewhat less, but the city’s Democrat overlords can be counted on to pay many times more than the trash cans are worth.

Trash on San Francisco city streets has been an issue for decades. In 2007, then-Mayor Gavin Newsom eliminated about 1,500 of the city’s 4,500 trash cans because he said they were not helping keep streets clean and were becoming magnets for more trash.

Emptying the cans when they fill up must have been rejected as a possible solution because it would require too much competence on the part of city officials.

Newsom is running for president in 2024. Not even he is any worse than the other Democrat candidates.

Meanwhile, human waste continues to climb up the ankles of pedestrians. Declaring the entire city to be a landfill would solve the trash can problem, except that any landfill as unsanitary as San Francisco would be shut down by the Board of Health.

On a tip from Jack Bauer.


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