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Jul 23 2021

Shopping in California Under Moonbat Rule

The progressive viewpoint entails siding with criminals against civilization. For the same reason liberals reward riots by Black Lives Matter sociopaths, they have decriminalized shoplifting for thefts under $950 in California. Consequently, looting is the new normal in the erstwhile Golden State. Already, major chains are starting to shut down their stores. Organized crime has capitalized, turning shoplifting into big business. No worries; liberal authorities are always on hand to apply Band-Aids to the gaping wounds they inflict:

California Gov. Newsom announced new efforts to crack down on a surge of retail thefts and other crimes Wednesday following a series of violent incidents involving shoplifters in recent months.

Since the extravagantly expensive government refuses to stop shoplifting, storeowners are forced to confront thieves themselves. This sometimes gets them killed.

Appearing with law enforcement officials and mayors from throughout the state at a small business in Long Beach, the Democratic governor signed a bill to create crime task forces around the California Highway Patrol and local agencies to address organized theft rings.

The point as usual is for Democrats to make believe they are doing something about the crisis they created, a pose Newsom has been forced to adopt because he faces a recall election. Meanwhile, pro-crime maniacs George Gascon and Chesa Boudin are still the district attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, guaranteeing that criminals will continue to enjoy open season on businesses. As the cancer metastasizes, the likeminded Alvin Bragg will soon become Manhattan’s DA.

“The overall problem is a challenge — the brazenness of some of these crimes,” San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said Wednesday. “When they see these things go viral, the perception of lawlessness, the perception that anything goes — that has to be overcome, too.”

The only solution is to remove leftists from positions of power. But the current demographics of California make that impossible, thanks to the mass emigration that transformed the state that launched Ronald Reagan into a moonbat dystopia. The same is becoming true for the country as a whole, with millions crossing the deliberately undefended border.

Soon the whole country will shop the way it is done in California:

Hat tips: PJ Media, Maggie’s Farm.


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