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Mar 19 2023

Science Imitates Moonbattery: Male–Male Reproduction

For now, leftists deny biological reality, because it does not conform to their ideology. They might not have to in the future. With sufficiently grotesque innovations, biology could be forced to comply.

We have already read about implanting artificial wombs in men so they can pretend they are women. But no two men can reproduce, however much maternity leave Pete Buttigieg may take while the wheels come off the transportation sector. At least, not yet — but maybe soon:

For the first time, scientists have created baby mice from two males.

This raises the distant possibility of using the same technique for people…

Here’s how they did it:

First, they took skin cells from the tails of male mice and transformed them into “induced pluripotent stem cells,” which can develop into many different types of cells or tissues. Then, through a process that involved growing them and treating them with a drug, they converted male mouse stem cells into female cells and produced functional egg cells. Finally, they fertilized those eggs and implanted the embryos into female mice. About 1% of the embryos – 7 out of 630 – grew into live mouse pups.

Stem cell researcher Diana Laird of University of California, San Francisco warns that…

…scientists need to be mindful of the mutations and errors that may be introduced in a culture dish before using stem cells to make eggs.

If we are going to venture any further into horror movie territory, we can’t let a few mutations slow us down. Did concerns like that stop Victor Frankenstein?

This monstrous line of research reminds us that reproduction is not the ultimate argument for defending marriage from leftist sacrilege. Homosexual marriage is an obscene affront to the natural order. It is an insult to God. That’s the point of it.

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