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Oct 13 2021

Seattle School Cancels Halloween Because Equity

Absent aggressive pushback, every remnant of American culture will be eradicated in the name of wokeness — even Halloween:

Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary (B.F. Day) in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood typically hosts Halloween festivities each year. They include a “Pumpkin Parade” where students wear costumes if they choose. But the school administration changed its focus to “foundational beliefs around equity for our students and families,” and, consequently, they’re canceling Halloween.

The school’s newsletter explains:

Halloween events create a situation where some students must be excluded for their beliefs, financial status, or life experience. … Some students … must deal with complex feelings of exclusion.

What would be the worst possible way to make students more inclusive? Tell them fun has been canceled because of students who are different.

The decision to kill Halloween was pushed by a Racial Equity Committee. A Seattle Public School spokesmoonbat claims that blacks don’t celebrate Halloween; therefore, it is racist to let anyone enjoy it. Halloween “marginalizes students of color who do not celebrate the holiday.”

Instead of Halloween there will be “thematic units of study about the fall.” No doubt educrats are preparing exciting thematic units of study about winter and spring to replace Christmas and Easter.

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