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Feb 25 2021

Soccer Focuses on Race Brainwashing

Like so many other corners of culture, soccer appears to have been fully absorbed by the Left. That means it is no longer primarily about kicking a ball around. It is about moonbattery:

A coalition of leaders from the US soccer industry have partnered with the Common Goal movement to launch the Anti-Racist Project (ARP), an action-based approach to tackling systemic racism in soccer and society.

Major League Soccer, National Women’s Soccer League, and the United Soccer League are all involved.

It’s hard enough to find any racism against blacks in a country where the most transgressive faux pas is to fail to show cringing reverence. Looking for it in sports would be absurd. Yet fanatics always find what they are looking for.

The project aims to fund a toolkit designed by Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) experts across the US soccer landscape that will see 5,000 coaches, 60,000 young people, and 115 staff trained in over 400 communities in the first year.

Let’s hope they use environmentally friendly detergent for a brainwashing operation on such a large scale.

The group is inviting all industry stakeholders interested in becoming a part of the solution to help level the playing field and make soccer more equitable, first in the US and then internationally.

If they really want soccer to be equitable, they should stop nurturing a false sense of persecution in blacks and focus on disparities that actually exist. Why are there no quadriplegics in professional soccer? Why are the better teams allowed to score more points?

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