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Aug 30 2023

Symbols of American Liberty Under Attack by Schools

Liberty is an obscenity to the leftists who run our schools. Consequently, the Vanguard School in Colorado Springs would not let a 12-year-old named Jaiden into class with a Gadsden flag patch on his backpack. Here’s Jaiden with the director of the school:

The Gadsden flag is a symbol passed down to us from the American Revolution. There was slavery in America in the 18th century, as there had been throughout the world since the beginning of recorded history. Banking on public ignorance, leftists use this to attack the USA’s founding. It is preposterous to pretend the Gadsden flag represents slavery. It clearly represents resistance to tyranny. That’s why progressives don’t like it.

Good things happen when patriots stand by their principles. Jaiden and his supporters got the liberal establishment to back down:

In a very surprising turn of events, the members of the school board called an emergency meeting and affirmed their respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In doing so, they also decided that the Gadsden patch is a valuable part of American history and that Jaiden may keep it on his backpack if he so chooses.

Pushback works. Now let’s see what can be done about the Minuteman statue in Concord, California:

There is a town about 30 miles away from San Francisco named in honor of Concord, Massachusetts, where the original “shot heard round the world” was fired. Their school has the classic image of a Minuteman, holding his rifle, as their logo. But now the school board there has voted 4 to 1 to replace that image with a bear (costing the taxpayers $200,000).

Liberals denounce the Minuteman statue for “showcasing a firearm” and for not being “gender inclusive.”

Adam Clark, superintendent of the district, squeaks that a “male minutemen soldier holding a rifle was not a symbol many of our students and staff felt created a welcoming environment.”

Both the Gadsden flag and the Minuteman are symbols that must be defended from leftists at all costs. Erasing the symbols of liberty is a key aspect of erasing liberty itself.

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