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Nov 23 2021

Term “Trigger Warning” Canceled; Might Trigger Snowflakes

The coddling of liberal snowflakes who must be isolated from anything that challenges their childish worldview has reached a new extreme of self-parody at England’s Warwick University, which has canceled the term “trigger warning” lest the warning itself trigger wokesters.

The term “content notes” will be used instead when warning that the material in literature and drama classes may not be in total compliance with current standards of political correctness. “Trigger warning” is now regarded as “provocative” — probably because it has been used to ridicule moonbats who become unglued at the revelation that someone somewhere at some time in the past deviated from wokeness. Naturally, it has had the opposite effect by inviting more ridicule:

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: ‘Warwick’s decision to take offence at the word trigger is ludicrous. How is this preparing students for a life in the outside world? Who is actually calling for these trigger or content warnings? Is it resilient young people or woke-afflicted academics? …

‘When I attended university it was to be educated and prepared for the world of work. It now appears our universities are preparing their students for a world of woke.’

“Content notes” read like this:

Studying literature necessarily involves confronting particular ideas, words and experiences that you might find offensive, upsetting, or disturbing. All of the modules you take in the department will involve material that can be difficult for some people, even traumatic.

Shakespeare provides a more suitable alternative for preparing liberal militants to have their horizons broadened:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

The Bard’s own work has been subjected to trigger warnings in academia. So has 1984, which introduced the concept of the Newspeak Dictionary. The term “trigger warning” will be excised from the next edition.

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