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Jul 13 2021

Trans “Man” Gives Birth; Trans “Woman” Tries to Nurse Baby

Liberals’ war on reality is transforming society into a surreal nightmare that could only have been conceived in the bowels of hell. Prepare for an assault on your sanity as a woman with a beard who has had her breasts amputated gives birth and a man pretending to be a woman attempts to nurse the baby.

Post Millennial describes this demonic parody of a scene that should be healthy and joyous:

A family featured on “9 Months with Courteney Cox” has thoroughly switched gender roles. The baby suckles Petrona, a two-spirit Nahua trans woman, while what the Biden administration would call the “birthing person,” Ahanu, a two-spirit Kainai non-binary trans masculine person, looks on. …

“Are they getting any milk?” Ahanu asks. The baby is not getting any milk.

The baby’s chances of a healthy, normal life are not good.

The decision to nurse a child on a fiction of your own illusions is cruel to the child, not only physically but emotionally. This family is denying the child an actual mother, raising that child to believe lies.

When the trans community thinks about kids, it is only to corrupt them. Their focus is on outraging normal people out of spite and basking in the praise they receive from the liberal establishment for wallowing in depraved delusions.

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