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Dec 27 2020

Transsexuals, Lesbians at Each Other’s Throats

The Cultural Marxist alliance is like a wrecking ball: only good for demolition, useless for building anything. Civilization is still partially standing, but already favored identity groups are at each other’s throats, prominently including lesbians and guys who say they are girls.

The Telegraph reports:

Lesbian are facing “extinction” because of the “disproportionate” focus on transgenderism in schools, a controversial campaign group for gay rights has claimed.

The LGB Alliance, which has been branded a “trans hate group” by Pink News and other vocal critics, was set up in October 2019 amid concerns that Stonewall, the UK’s leading gay rights charity, had become too fixated on gender identity.

Its founders, Kate Harris and Bev Jackson, claim to have been “cancelled” for questioning gender identity theory and airing their concerns about the erosion of women’s rights in the face of the transgender movement.

According to transgender militants, there is no concrete difference between men and women. You are whichever you say you are, or rather, you are wherever you say you are on an imaginary spectrum between them.

This dogma renders the term “lesbian” virtually meaningless, as it does the term “female.” Feminist who resist being redefined out of existence are denounced as TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists).

LGB Alliance’s Just Giving and Go Fund Me pages were taken down after homosexual Scottish National Party Member of Parliament John Nicolson proclaimed it to be “transphobic.”

So far, the more aggressive transsexuals have the whip hand, characteristically demanding obeisance and canceling those who refuse to kneel. But some feminists are pushing back. If this breaks into a shooting war, we should arm both sides.

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