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Aug 27 2020

Treating California Wildfires Like Black Lives Matter

Rather than risk the wrath of environmentalists by keeping wildfires under control through proactive forest management, Gavin Newsom might find it more convenient to apply the same approach that Democrat governors take to the unending Black Lives Matter riots. The Babylon Bee demonstrates:

“The fires are mostly peaceful, mostly calm — nothing to worry about,” Newsom said as the fires burned through thousands of acres of forest behind him.

To make doubly sure he keeps well-heeled, politically powerful environmentalist types on his side, as well as social justice warriors, he could remind the public that humans are interlopers and exploiters:

Newsom also pointed out that fires were here before humans, and so in a way, we stole the land from fires, and the indigenous infernos are just taking the reparations they are due. “If a peaceful fire approaches your home, do not fight back. That would be racist. Allow it to consume your home — peacefully, of course — if you are a true ally of indigenous peoples everywhere.”

At least the liberal establishment has not been whipping up wildfires deliberately, as it has been doing with the ongoing urban conflagration by validating and even egging on rioters as it extols their toxic ideology.

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