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Dec 14 2022

Virtually No One Watches AOC’s Climate Hysteria Movie

Don’t feel bad, Disney. Although your attempts to ram homosexuality down children’s throats have been crashing at the box office (Strange World, Lightyear), prominent Democrat congresscritter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has produced a still greater failure:

Her Climate Change (which is a hoax) documentary grossed just $81 per screen.

Director Rachel Lears’ To the End screened at Sundance, features AOC and made its weekend debut on 120 screens.

On those 120 screens, it grossed just $9,667, which averages to $81 per screen.

Critics love it, which is all the more reason for audiences to stay away.

Awful as this movie looks, it is surprising that well under a thousand out of a third of a billion Americans were willing to watch it. AOC’s climate delusions may prove to be highly relevant to our daily lives.

Along with ultra-left Senator Ed Markey, AOC is the ostensible author of the Green New Deal, an apocalyptic program of total social transformation reminiscent of what the Khmer Rouge inflicted on Cambodia. Democrats have already managed to impose some of it through the massive spending blowouts that are largely to blame for runaway inflation. When they achieve the leverage, they will hit us with the rest.

If AOC is the Future of the Democratic Party, as the liberal establishment media and former Democratic National Committee Chair Thomas Perez attest, her climate kookiness isn’t just the random raving of a malevolent lunatic; it is what we will have to live under, assuming Democrats prevail.

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