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Dec 14 2022

Norwegian Lesbian Faces Prison for Stating Biological Fact

As Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov revealed, when leftists take power, the useful idiots who help them are liable to be “lined up against the wall and shot.” It should come as no surprise that belonging to a formerly favored identity group is no guarantee that your natural right of free speech will be respected under woke rule. Ask a lesbian:

A woman in Norway is facing criminal charges and a possible prison sentence of up to three years for stating that men can not be lesbians. Tonje Gjevjon, a lesbian artist, was notified on November 17 that she was under police investigation for hate speech over a statement she posted to Facebook.

What Gjevjon said is incontrovertibly true by definition. But then, you don’t get in trouble for telling lies in a society that has succumbed to moonbattery — only for telling the truth.

In her post, Gjevjon railed against trans-identified males who call themselves “lesbians,” and condemned trans activists who seek to criminalize women who oppose gender ideology.

Basic biology has been criminalized under Norwegian “hate speech” legislation.

“It’s just as impossible for men to become lesbian as it is for men to become pregnant,” Gjevjon wrote, “Men are men regardless of their sexual fetishes.”

Gjevjon has already been informally punished for failing to conform to transsexual ideology. Her exhibitions have been canceled.

Gjevjon said that she had been told point-blank by a museum official that she was blacklisted from the community for her views, and that attempts had been made to have her wife’s employment terminated.

Bad enough the art world is totalitarian in its enforcement of the transsexual agenda. Worse, Big Government brings in bottomless pockets and coercive force:

“The Government, with the Minister of Equality and Culture, gives tens of millions in state support to queer organizations that carry out LGBTQI activism which includes the demonization of lesbians and women who think like me,” Gjevjon said.

“The agenda of queer organizations is largely about queer men’s craving for increased access to children and women’s bodies: legalization of surrogacy, legalization of pimping, glorification and romanticization of prostitution, and the special protection of sexual fetishes such as BDSM in law,” she added.

Note that this comes not from a Christian conservative, but from an artist who identifies loudly as a lesbian.

Gjevjon pointed to a culture of “pornification” and “objectification” as intertwined with a “removal of language that precisely describes what it means to be a woman.”

What it officially means to be a woman — if it means anything — is up in the air.

Militant transsexuals sit atop the liberal establishment power structure because they have taken the depravity that is the essence of leftism to the farthest extreme. If current trends continue, they will be displaced by a movement focusing even more explicitly on the corruption of children.

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