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Nov 27 2020

Watermelons Are Now Inherently Racist

Under Cultural Marxism, a white guy like Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy cannot win. Heads, he’s a racist; tails, he’s a racist. It is an unforgivably racist faux pas to associate watermelons with blacks. However, it is also racist not to associate watermelons with blacks.

Via 'Nox & Friends:

[McCarthy] brought in a watermelon and smashed it with a sledgehammer to simulate what he wanted his defense to do when the Vikings had the ball in hand, and it worked.

His players loved it… all of his players, but the media heard about it and suddenly McCarthy is getting hit with the racist tag.

On behalf of the ultra-woke sports media, crybully thought cop Shannon Sharpe bellows that smashing watermelons “will not be tolerated”:

Per Shannon Sharpe’s decree, when we look at a watermelon, we must not see a watermelon. We must see only black people and their sacred oppression.

Watermelons are now inherently racist. Enjoy them while they are still legal.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.


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