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Aug 06 2022

Why White People Cannot Be Nonbinary

Normally, you have to go into decades of debt earning an advanced degree in the liberal arts to attain access to the arcane knowledge generated by the High Priests and Priestesses of Political Correctness. But thanks to Libs of TikTok, we little people can catch glimpses into the realm of our intellectual overlords. In the video below, we learn than white people cannot achieve exalted nonbinary status, because they are the hateful lower race that invented the gender binary in the first place. As we have already learned from the professoriate, there was no difference between men and women before white Christian colonizers viciously imposed it on a world of Edenic polysexual bliss.

Looks like the word “white” is now regarded as unspeakable.

Now that she has plumbed the depths of intersectionality, she might want to return to the first grade and learn how to conjugate verbs.

No longer incarcerating the unreachably insane the way we did in more sensible times has made the streets dangerous and universities more dangerous still.

On a tip from Jester.


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