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Jul 19 2022

LGBT Bullies Attack Archeology

Leftists wage war on history because they want to impose their twisted ideology retroactively, not only on today’s world but also on the past. Their control of education and the media will allow them to accomplish this only after actual history has been discredited and erased. The extension of liberal ideology into the past now extends beyond history, into prehistoric times that we can observe only through archaeology — a field that has drawn the attention of LGBT bullies:

It is possible to determine whether a skeleton is from a biological male or female using objective observations based on the size and shape of the bones. …

But gender activists argue scientists cannot know how an ancient individual identified themselves.

“You might know the argument that the archaeologists who find your bones one day will assign you the same gender as you had at birth, so regardless of whether you transition, you can’t escape your assigned sex,” tweeted Canadian Master’s degree candidate Emma Palladino last week.

Moonbats don’t like being reminded that scientists will be able to dig up Will “Lia” Thomas’s bones 100,000 years from now and know that he was a man, regardless of whether he gets the NCAA Woman of the Year award.

Palladino says that using factual scientific information to assign gender to ancient humans is “bullsh**.”

For an indication of how far leftists have come in replacing history with their ideology, consider that Associate Professor Jennifer Raff of the University of Kansas …

…suggested scientists cannot know the gender of a 9,000 year-old biologically Peruvian hunter because they don’t know whether the hunter identified as male or female – a “duality” concept she says was “imposed by Christian colonizers.”

People that crazy are not just running around loose, evading the butterfly nets of the men in white coats; they are in charge.

Palladino and Raff demonstrate what can pass for science in a society dominated by progressives. As for what can pass for religion, Matt Walsh’s famous question “What is a woman?” made it to Senior Bishop Rt Rev Robert Innes of the Church of England. His answer:

“There is no official definition, which reflects the fact that until fairly recently definitions of this kind were thought to be self-evident, as reflected in the marriage liturgy.”

Fair enough. But then he started quacking about “complexities associated with gender identity.” He called for “additional care” in the use of controversial terms like woman.

Moonbattery is a jealous god. It does not tolerate the existence of anything, in any area of life, that does not comply with political correctness. The totalitarian mentality of our liberal ruling class is reducing civilization to a lunatic asylum without walls.

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