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May 03 2021

Woke CIA Recruiting Ads

If you can sit through this recruiting ad without barfing, you may have the stomach to become a CIA officer:

Gays are also explicitly encouraged to apply:

If you don’t check any intersectional boxes, don’t bother sending your résumé. You wouldn’t like working for the CIA anyway.

James Bond’s old pal Felix Leiter shudders from horror in his grave.

Rod Dreher comments:

The US military is woking up, as we know. Now the CIA is woking up as a champion of “diversity and inclusion,” and angst-ridden intersectionality. You can be sure that the FBI and NSA are doing so, or soon will be. We are now in the process of uniting American military and intelligence power to progressive social causes. Gosh, what could go wrong?

Putting aside that woke ideology is ferociously hostile toward America and its core population, and that personnel is policy, I couldn’t imagine.

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