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May 14 2021

Woke US Army Recruiting Ad

They didn’t stop with the CIA. America’s enemies have the military in their sights.

What would be more effective, ChiCom missile strikes on military bases? Or recruiting ads like this:

That was not a sick joke. It was placed with a straight face before the public by the US Army, in hopes of attracting the sort of recruits that are desired under Democrat rule.

Countermoonbats and straight white males need not apply, especially if their parents are of two different genders.

The purpose of the military is now to advance liberal ideology and social engineering, not to win wars.

At this rate, by the time Chinese tyrants get around to exploiting our self-inflicted weakness and conquering us, we will welcome them as liberators. At least they might put a stop to the nausea.

Compare the video above to this Russian recruiting ad, and pray that we don’t get in a fight with Russia a few years down the road:

On tips from Anonymous and Troy H. Hat tip: RedState.


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