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Jul 26 2021

Worst States per CNBC

It isn’t often that media moonbattery brings a happy smile to my face. But a recent ranking of the states CNBC propagandists most hate filled me with pride to live in Arizona.

States are ranked according to “Life, Health, and Inclusion.” This translates mainly to healthcare spending and wokeness. States that are not obsequiously “inclusive” or that insist on election integrity go to the bottom. Californians of the liberal persuasion who are escaping the mess they made of their own state please take note: the Grand Canyon State is rated worst of the worst!

The top 10 worst states are Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Indiana. Of these, only Nevada and Louisiana do not have Republican governors.

Of the 10 states with the best-performing economies coming out of the government-imposed Covid recession (SD, WV, ID, NE, WY, RI, MS, MO, IA, NV), again only two of them have Democrat governors. One of these is Nevada.

The choice is easy: you can live in the sort of place liberals approve of, or you can live in the sort of place where businesses are permitted to provide employment.

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