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Aug 20 2023

Youth Mental Health Crisis Floods Emergency Rooms

Children bear the brunt of moonbattery. Destroy pride in our heritage, deny the sense of meaning provided by religion, tell kids they are inherently bad or inherently helpless because of their race, mess up their minds by encouraging them to believe they are members of the opposite sex, shriek that the planet is dying because of humans, cancel their economic future beneath mountains of government debt, submerse them in the nihilistic sewage that passes for popular culture, then lock them in their rooms with social media for a couple of years. When they emerge into the outer world blinking like moles in the sunlight, don’t expect mental health:

A surge of mental health emergencies among children has overwhelmed emergency rooms, according to a joint paper released Wednesday by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and Emergency Nurses Association (ENA).

The children showing up in crisis are often suffering from emergencies related to anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts or attempts, the groups said.

Pediatric mental health stays are more than three times longer than the average emergency room visit. As usual with problems created by moonbattery, the ripple effects spread outward to make life worse for everyone:

The pediatric mental emergency visits also drain “resources that would have been needed to run the normal medical operations of the ER, so that increases of length of stay for the other patients as well,” [lead author Mohsen] Saidinejad said.

Liberals love to yap about the “root causes” of crime, mass illegal immigration, et cetera. But there is no chance they will address the root cause of the youth mental health crisis, as it is a symptom of their ideology.

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