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Aug 01 2021

YouTube Suspends Sky News Australia

Australia has gone nuts with Covid tyranny, but at least it has Sky News, which offers an alternative to leftist propaganda. However, Sky News Australia will be harder to access, thanks to tyranny inflicted from abroad by Google’s YouTube:

Sky News Australia has been temporarily suspended by YouTube following a review of old videos published to the channel.

For now, it is suspended for 1 week on charges of permitting viewpoints that do not conform to Google/YouTube’s politicized Covid policies.

Sky News Australia has 1.85 million YouTube subscribers.

The Sky News Australia YouTube channel has published more than 20,000 videos over the past year.

No doubt Google employees with the same job title as Winston Smith are pouring over each one to determine which must go down the memory hole before Sky News Australia will be allowed back on the information highway.

It was recently revealed that Sky News Australia has become one of the country’s most engaging news brands across multiple digital platforms and is reaching more than a third of all Australians each month.

That’s why it needs its kneecaps cracked by the Big Tech overlords on behalf of ideological homogeneity.

This is political censorship at the Soviet Union level. It makes no difference that technically Google is not a government. It controls the information infrastructure, and suppresses information that does not suit its leftist ideology, just as a totalitarian government would do. This is not consistent with a free society.

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