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Feb 24 2018

No Way for a Vet to Die

A little something to set the blood boiling:

A grand jury has indicted two nurses and an aide on numerous charges, including felony murder in one case, in the death of an elderly patient who slowly died in front of them.

In November, the Brookhaven Police Department launched a criminal investigation into 89-year-old James Dempsey’s death after an 11Alive Investigation uncovered hidden camera video and court depositions of nursing home staff who responded to the World War II veteran. …

The video showed Dempsey repeatedly calling out for help as he suffered in respiratory distress. After his calls, Dempsey became unresponsive.

Here’s a local TV report:

Too bad Mr. Dempsey wasn’t some criminal punk who managed to get himself killed by the police. Given the right skin color, he would have riots thrown in his honor. But as it is, the public won’t remember the outrage of his death.

Feb 23 2018

Open Thread

Next to bombing, rent control is the most effective technique so far known for destroying cities. - Assar Lindbeck

Feb 23 2018

How a Black Can Be Racist

Blacks can be racist too. They cannot accomplish this by hating whites; that doesn’t count, since according to political correctness, whites deserve it. But they can be racist by criticizing the grotesque monument to a post turtle’s ego that is to be called the Obama Presidential Center:

When Bronwyn Nichols Lodato began pushing to prevent a portion of Chicago’s Midway Plaisance from being developed into a parking garage by the Obama Foundation, she never expected to be criticized as anti-black.

After all, she is an African-American woman who has lived in Hyde Park for more than a decade and is sensitive to both the city’s racial tensions and the needs of her neighbors.

“All I wanted to do was make sure my kids could play with no garage in their park,” she said. “I have three young children and we live in a condo and the Midway is our yard. My story is simply, how can we keep the park so our kids could play there?”

For this she stands accused of “siding with her well-off white neighbors.” What a racist.

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Feb 23 2018

WaPo Remembers the Great Billy Graham

As the nation grieves Wednesday’s passing of the great evangelist Billy Graham, who will lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, the Washington Post gets in one last dig with this headline:

Divorce, Drugs, Drinking: Billy Graham’s Children and Their Absent Father

Every time I think the liberal media has hit rock bottom and nothing could lower my opinion of it, it proves me wrong yet again.

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Feb 23 2018

Muslim Diaper Rash

Soldiers may run out of bullets, but Muslims will never run out of excuses to be belligerently offended. They successfully bullied Burger King after claiming that a cartoon ice cream swirl resembled the word “Allah” in Arabic. Since they are such endlessly whining babies, it is appropriate that they are now going after Pampers:

Muslim protests in India are calling for a boycott of Pampers products after claiming to have seen the word ‘Mohammed’ in the face of a cartoon cat which appears on its nappies.

The lines illustrating the whiskers, nose, mouth and left eye of the smiley feline have been suggested to resemble the Prophet’s name when written in Arabic or Urdu, although the company that makes the products vehemently denied the claims.

Ironically, Pampers are made by Procter and Gamble, one of the most obnoxiously politically correct corporations in existence. Being moonbatty is no defense from the weaponized moonbattery wielded by various perpetually offended crybullies, Muslims included.

[T]he image on the hygiene product has been branded an ‘insult’ to Islam by critics, and protesters have staged ‘Pampers burnings’.

That ought to smell about as pleasant as a Gaza beach.

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Feb 23 2018

Who to Blame if You Won’t Blame Nikolas Cruz

If you want to blame someone other than Nikolas Cruz for the Parkland killings, forget Wayne LaPierre, whose only crime is defending the Constitution; Scot Peterson actually bears responsibility:

A Marjory Stoneman Douglas school resource officer has been suspended without pay after Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said video shows him taking up a defensive position during the shooting but never entering the school.

Deputy Peterson was armed, but apparently decided that addressing the maniac could be dangerous and opted for the more prudent course of waiting for him to run out of ammo. Since he qualifies for retirement, he resigned.

Reassuringly, his self-esteem did not suffer; he says he “did a good job,” according to a union official.

Law enforcement officials are guarding Peterson’s house to protect him from the public. Poetic justice would be for the cops to cower in the bushes when a mob comes to tar and feather him.

Will anyone blame Peterson’s gun for not going into the building by itself to stop Cruz? Then why blame Cruz’s gun?

Security problems at the school go beyond relying on Deputy Barney Fife. The security cameras were on a 20-minute delay during the killings, rendering them useless for dealing with a situation as it happens.

The issues here are security and mental illness. Guns are not the issue, any more than airplanes were the issue on 9/11. The liberal media establishment’s attempt to hijack public grief and fly it into our Constitution, exploiting children in the process, is contemptible to the last extreme and has eradicated the last of its credibility.

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Feb 23 2018

Justin Trudeau Beclowns Himself in India

Could there possibly, anywhere on earth, be a more absurd creature than Canada’s moonbat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? During his current trip to India, he has confirmed that the answer is no:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, normally a darling of Western media, has been roundly, and sometimes savagely, mocked for a trip to India that included cultural, fashion, and political blunders at every turn.

Never mind the various political mishaps. Let’s have a laugh at his asinine attempts to look and act like an Indian:

Prominent Indian personalities expressed their distaste for Trudeau’s dress, with India Today calling it “tacky.” Trudeau showed up at an event full of Bollywood stars in full traditional dress, while the movie stars themselves simply wore black suits.

Trudeau’s sartorial choices were described as “fake and annoying.” That’s putting it mildly:

It gets worse:

At one point, Trudeau, wearing traditional dress, broke into the Indian dance called the Bhangra

No, really. See for yourself:

If Donald Trump ever behaved like this, outrage would be so massive, it would throw the Earth out of its orbit.

Not even his devotion to moonbattery has protected Trudeau from the media’s ridicule:

On CTV, a major Canadian news broadcaster, the host Don Martin said, “If this is Trudeau putting Canada ‘back’ on the world stage, we should get off.

Trudeau’s hometown paper, the Ottawa Citizen, compared Trudeau’s India trip to George H.W. Bush’s 1992 trip to Tokyo, where Bush vomited on Japan’s prime minister.

“As for what ‘the work, achievements and objectives’ of this cavalcade of embarrassment might amount to, it would have been better, in hindsight, if Trudeau had gone to India alone, invited himself to dinner with Modi, and thrown up in his lap,” the Citizen wrote.

Better still would be for Trudeau to stay in India. He could make himself useful for once by dancing in the marketplace in Indian attire for the amusement of rock-throwing children.

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Feb 23 2018

Palestinians Pump Sewage into Mediterranean Sea

Islamofascists can do whatever they like without incurring the wrath of otherwise easily triggered progressives — probably even pump raw sewage into the Mediterranean:

Municipalities in Gaza announced Wednesday they will pump sewage straight into the sea from the Palestinian coastal enclave due to fuel shortages and the desperate humanitarian situation in the strip.

“The beaches of the Gaza Strip will be completely closed and sewage will be pumped into the sea because the municipalities are unable to provide fuel” for treatment plants, said Nizar Hejazi, head of the Gaza City municipality.

Too bad for the people living there that the area is now run by its democratically elected representatives — i.e., the terror outfit Hamas — instead of Israelis.

At least Palestinians can count on the assistance of the rest of the Muslim world, which is so noisily supportive regarding the never-ending terror war. But apparently Arabs don’t have much oil to spare.

Israel will of course be blamed for the mess.

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Feb 23 2018

Eroding Excellence at the Olympics

Moonbattery corrodes excellence in everything it touches, even sports. Take for example the Olympics:

Meet German Madrazo. This cross-country skier from Mexico—not exactly a hotbed of Winter Olympic activity—finished dead last in the 15-kilometer men’s individual race. That’s 115th out of 115. As he completed the course, the 43-year-old who took up skiing in 2017 grabbed a Mexican flag and celebrated his country in the most heartwarming way imaginable.

Other skiers from warm-weather nations greeted Madrazo in triumph as he crossed the finish line.

Why should Madrazo be discriminated against as an athlete just because he comes from a place that sees little snow and consequently can’t ski worth beans? The important thing is that he adds diversity.

Second to last place was taken by Pita Taufatofua, who competes as a Tongan despite being from Australia.

This year, he took up cross-country skiing a dozen weeks before the Olympic Games, learning how to ski on roller skis, which he called “the worst thing possible.”

Taufatofua went into the 15-kilometer men’s individual race with two simple ambitions: “finish before they turn the lights off” and “don’t ski into a tree.” He wound up finishing 114th—that’s right, one place above German Madrazo—and considered his finish a triumph. He’s also considering a Hollywood career.

Talent is less of a prerequisite in Hollyweird. But Taufatofua didn’t need any to make his mark in sports. Since excellence discriminates against mediocrity, in the future talent may be abolished altogether, as in “Harrison Bergeron.”

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Feb 22 2018

Open Thread

A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying,

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Feb 22 2018

Crowder Destroys Gun Control in 54 Seconds

By now we have been over the ground so many times that it only takes Steven Crowder 54 seconds to destroy authoritarians’ arguments against the Second Amendment:

The media establishment has bent over backward to blame not mental illness or lax/incompetent security but our Constitution and its defenders (e.g., the NRA) for the tragedy in Parkland, in order to advance its objective of rendering the American public defenseless. Kudos to Crowder for recognizing that this is not merely wrong-headed but willfully malevolent.

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Feb 22 2018

CNN’s Staged Gun-Grabbing Mob Boos Rape Survivor

CNN’s heavily staged town hall spectacle, designed to divert anguish over the Parkland killings into an attack on the Constitution, presented an ugly picture of gun-grabbing moonbats:

The crowd at a Wednesday CNN town hall on the Parkland shooting booed when NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch brought up a rape survivor who supports the Second Amendment.

Kimberly Corban was raped when she was under 21 years old and is an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment, saying she wishes she could have tried to fight off her attacker with a firearm.

For all the #MeToo hullabaloo largely over pats on the behind and inappropriate passes, progressives have zero interest in protecting women from actual rape, because empowering individuals by defending their constitutional rights would conflict with their overall objective.

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Feb 22 2018

Appalling Reaction to Britain’s KFC Crisis

Due to a supply chain problem, most KFC outlets in the U.K. have run out of chicken. Public reaction should delight social engineers who have done everything possible to render citizens dependent on government authorities:

London chicken-lovers have been calling the police asking them to sort out the KFC closure crisis.

So many people contacted The Met about the chicken shortage officers had to use Twitter to tell them their favourite restaurant closing is not an emergency.

Frustrated police officers in Tower Hamlets tweeted today: ‘Please do not contact us about the #KFCCrisis – it is not a police matter if your favourite eatery is not serving the menu that you desire.’

KFC chicken must be halal. Tower Hamlets is a Muslimized part of London, inhabited largely by colonists from Bangladesh.

Helpless as baby birds, mouths stretched wide for a juicy worm that is slow in coming, some have even taken the matter to Members of Parliament.

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Feb 22 2018

Parkland Student Declines to Be Exploited as Tool by CNN

Not all Parkland high school students are eager to be exploited on behalf of an authoritarian agenda in return for 15 seconds of fame like the infamous David Hogg. Colton Haab took a pass:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Colton Haab said he was approached by CNN to ask a question at Wednesday night’s town hall but decided not to after the network gave him a “scripted question,” quashing one he wrote himself. Haab, a member of the Junior ROTC shielded students while the school was under attack from the shooter, said he was going to ask about using veterans as armed security guards.

CNN disputes this, claiming the problem was that Haab wanted to give an extensive speech. But CNN has a credibility problem.

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Feb 22 2018

A Day Without Police: Make America More Like Baltimore

Leftist outfits like CNN help to hype Day Without Immigrants protests, intended to propagandize in favor of illegal immigration. Maybe police should respond to the endless grief they get from the liberal establishment by staging something similar. A Day Without Police would look something like Baltimore:

While the three-year spike in violent crime in Baltimore draws most of the attention, business owners across the city have suffered a similar increase in commercial robberies. Such crime has risen 88 percent in the last five years, from 560 commercial robberies in 2013 to more than 1,000 last year.

Business owners are also complaining of threats outside their stores: drug dealing, intimidation, stabbings and shootings.

The 3-year spike in violent crime corresponds to the time that has passed since the Freddie Gray spectacle, which centered on a Lowlife of Color whose death was exploited to demonize the police and set off race riots. Being leftists, municipal authorities sided with the rioters. Baltimore police who didn’t quit in disgust have been forced to maintain a low profile, allowing crime to skyrocket. The city is no longer safe to visit, much less live in.

Imagine trying to run a business there:

“Our members are very concerned,” said Cailey Locklair Tolle, president of the Maryland Retailers Association. “Unfortunately, a lot of our members don’t relocate. It’s a massive endeavor. A lot of times they just go out of business.”

Fewer businesses mean higher unemployment means more government dependency and general societal decay mean more support for the Democrats in charge. This same vicious cycle worked wonders in Detroit, driving out hated Caucasians and guaranteeing Democrats >90% of the vote in every election.

The media ought to drop its post-Parkland anti–Second Amendment campaign and push for a Day Without Police instead. The more of America looks like Baltimore, the closer liberals are to having accomplished their objectives.

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Feb 22 2018

Expanding to Other Planets Denounced as Sexist

We may have to hold off on exploring the final frontier. A piece at NBC reveals that “the patriarchal race to colonize Mars is just another example of male entitlement”:

The desire to colonize — to have unquestioned, unchallenged and automatic access to something, to any type of body, and to use it at will — is a patriarchal one.

Elon Musk’s desire to expand the human race to other planets is denounced as a “Columbusing attitude” and “imperialist ethos.” Musk says it will ensure the survival of the human race…

Rather, the impulse to colonize — to colonize lands, to colonize peoples, and, now that we may soon be technologically capable of doing so, colonizing space — has its origins in gendered power structures. Entitlement to power, control, domination and ownership. The presumed right to use and abuse something and then walk away to conquer and colonize something new.

If our ancestors had been liberals, they never would have ventured out of their caves.

In accordance with the doctrine of “intersectionality,” space exploration isn’t only bad because of feminism, but also because of environmentalism:

This 21st century form of imperialism is the direct result of men giving up on the planet they have all but destroyed. …

The raping and pillaging of the Earth, and the environmental chaos that doing so has unleashed, are integral to the process of colonization. And the connection of the treatment of Mother Earth to women is more than symbolic: Study after study has shown that climate change globally affects women more than men.

Similarly meaningful studies could be used to determine how many microaggressions would fit on the head of a pin.

This means that while men compete with each other over whose rocket is the biggest, fastest, and best, and send playthings off to become flashy space junk, women around the world are fighting to stay alive against violent assaults on their personhood — and their planet.

Yes, the very planet is in peril. The author, Marcie Bianco of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University, breathlessly concludes:

Houston, we have a problem.

And it’s the patriarchy.

There is no great accomplishment that progressives won’t denounce — including future accomplishments like colonizing other planets. A step forward for mankind is a step in the wrong direction from the point of view of moonbats.

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Feb 22 2018

NYU Professor Says MAGA Maggots Are Feasting on the Corpses of Murdered Schoolchildren

It is unseemly at best the way authoritarian leftists immediately recruited Parkland high school students to serve as foot soldiers in their war on the Constitution, barely waiting for their classmates’ bodies to cool. But be careful about calling them on their shamelessness. Twitter user Kambree Kawahine Koa hit a nerve with this remark:

Mark A. R. Kleiman, a Professor of Public Policy at New York University’s Marron Institute of Urban Management, issued a response to her. Kleiman hasn’t even seen a need to delete this tweet:

Obviously, if anyone has been feasting on corpses, it is the progressives standing atop them to advance their agenda. Only full knowledge of his own hypocrisy could explain the ferocity of Kleiman’s rage.

Imagine what sort of grade one of his students would receive after turning in a paper consisting of less than 100% pure moonbattery.

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Feb 21 2018

Open Thread

The amount of gender violence that I experience is absolutely extraordinary. And a significant part of my day today will be spent filing police reports at home about gender violence that's directed at me in social media. - Ashley Judd

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