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Jan 26 2023

Alleged Sexual Exploitation at Austin High School

As noted previously,

Given that education has been subordinated to liberal indoctrination — prominently including the inculcation of depraved sexual attitudes — it is hardly surprising that deviants who are sexually attracted to children are increasingly drawn to teaching.

A lawsuit from woke Austin is illustrative:

The lawsuit was filed on Friday, Jan. 20, by three former students at James Bowie High School in Austin. The same alumni and six others also initially sued Austin Independent School District in the fall of 2022.

Bowie and his fellow heroes did not die at the Alamo for this:

Diane Elizabeth “Betsy” Cornwell, the longtime theater director at the school, was placed on paid administrative leave following the first lawsuit as the district began investigating, the Austin American-Statesman reported in October.

During theater production rehearsals, Cornwell forced the students “to engage in open-mouth kissing, groping and simulated sexual intercourse,” according to the lawsuit. These ”intimacy sessions,’ the former students say, “were nothing more than choreographed sexual assaults.”

Some of the former students said Cornwell was “aroused” during the rehearsals and at one point yelled, “More, more, more!” as scene partners were lying on the floor and kissing, the lawsuit states.

She appears to carry some weight at James Bowie High.

Cornwell has been the director of the school’s theater program — the Starlight Theatre Company — since 1988. The school’s fine arts center was named after her in August…

That outrage inspired former students to sue.

The nine students, who attended the high school between 2004 and 2019, allege Cornwell subjected them to “inappropriate touching; inappropriate sexual comments; harmful and abusive language; assault; battery; emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation; allowing sexual assaults to happen under her direction; declining to remove or otherwise discipline perpetrators of same; and her provision of drugs to at least one student.”

It appears educrats have had Cornwell’s back:

Multiple students complained to the district about Cornwell, who they say later targeted and embarrassed them by playing phone messages from parents complaining, according to the federal lawsuit.

The cleanup required will have to extend far beyond Starlight Theatre Company.

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