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Jan 26 2023

Depleted US Military Promises Equipment to Enemies

Because the country is going insane, inviting a massive invasion and then refusing to defend the border are evidently not sufficient to get Joe Biden and his handlers tried for treason. Maybe this will suffice: in the name of picking a fight with nuclear-armed scapegoat Russia over the irrelevant conflict in Ukraine, Biden et al. have offered to supply military equipment to some of our worst enemies, including the Marxist regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.

Via Independent Sentinel:

U.S. SouthCom Commander General Laura Richardson spoke to the Atlantic Council on January 19th. She explained that the Biden administration offered Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and six other Latin American nations U.S. military equipment if they’ll give old Russian weapons to Ukraine.

If they will give outlandishly expensive Abrams tanks to the tyrannical corruptocrats running Ukraine, maybe Miguel Diaz-Canel and Nicolas Maduro can expect some too. It would be trivial compared to the $billions in US military equipment Biden gifted to our Taliban enemies after they provided a base for the 9/11 attacks.


To date, the U.S. military has provided a “staggering” amount of military hardware and munitions to Ukraine in its defense against Russia’s invasion, amounting to more than $27 billion. This U.S. support has included over 1 million rounds of 155 mm howitzer ammunition. …

An in-depth study conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) euphemistically described the U.S. military’s own remaining stockpiles of the 155 mm howitzer rounds, Javelin anti-tank missiles, and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles as a result of providing so many, so quickly to Ukraine as “limited.” …

The CSIS study explains that “limited” means that “there would be risks” in the form of degradations to military “unit training,” which might become “more difficult” due to insufficient munitions inventories. There would also be other, more strategic risks in the form of degraded “support” for “war plans,” which might include a Chinese invasion of Taiwan…

His ChiCom benefactors must be pleased with Joe Biden.

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