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May 06 2021

Applied Critical Race Theory in South Africa

As Americans know from watching critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic Party achieve ever more dominance, hatred of whites is a powerful political tool in the hands of leftists. It is also an exceeding dangerous one, having created the situation that continues to prevail in the Rainbow Utopia:

A helpless farmer shot through the spine by robbers and left paralysed 20 years ago in South Africa was tied up in his wheelchair and cruelly strangled to death in a second attack.

Neil McKay, 46, was found by his distraught mother when she visited the farm in Winterton to check on him.

Widow Bev went upstairs and found her disabled son tied up in his wheelchair in his bedroom.

The original attackers were never brought to justice. As for this time around, no arrests have been made.

Killing white farmers is technically illegal in South Africa. Similarly, it is technically illegal in the USA for Black Lives Matter mobs to loot Target every time a Criminal of Color loses a physical confrontation with police.

North America may increasingly resemble South Africa after Democrat welfare and immigration policy allow Biden et al. to achieve their white minority holy grail. The level of race hate they have used their control of the schools and the media to generate is already intense.

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