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Mar 09 2024

Ayanna Pressley Showcases Comfortable Deadbeat

For a special guest to showcase at the SOTU Thursday, squad member Ayanna Pressley picked someone who has actually benefitted from Democrat policies — i.e., a comfortable deadbeat:

A teacher paid $135,901 last year who had student debt forgiven was the “honored” guest of U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley at the State of the Union address.

That teacher, who also owns a home in Dedham with her husband assessed in Zillow online records at about $1 million, was given $117,000 in student debt relief, Pressley says in a press release.

Adding to her specialness, Priscilla Higuera Valentine is a member of the cancerous teachers unions that have destroyed American education and the daughter of a Third World immigrant.

She teaches elementary school — easy work with lots of time off. Median income in her town is about half her take at $61,699.

Debt can’t really be canceled; it can only be transferred. Someone has to pay it. As with Priscilla’s bloated salary, we pay through taxes and inflation.

No wonder Priscilla looks pleased.

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