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Apr 05 2022

Beto O’Rourke Accidentally Gives Good Advice

No moonbat is more conspicuously vile than Beto O’Rourke. Click the tweet to see him “virtue” signal by wearing a t-shirt reading, “Don’t mess with Trans kids” — i.e., by ostentatiously endorsing the satanic campaign to convince children they are transsexual and then to use brainwashing, chemical castration, and even surgery to permanently destroy their minds, their bodies, and their lives as sacrifices to the sick LGBT agenda:

Few if any children come by transsexuality on their own. They are coaxed into it by their teachers, Disney, social media, et cetera. It is actually good advice not to mess with them, as Sarah Corriher explains:

The vast majority of so-called transgender children, when truly left alone, grow out of gender dysphoria. Yet, when such children are started on hormone therapies instead of being allowed to develop naturally, they fail to progress beyond it. The gender dysphoria becomes a permanent condition. …

If we left the kids alone, then people like Beto O’Rourke wouldn’t advise such children they were made incorrectly…

The transgender fad is but a more extreme form of what all teenagers feel: a lack of belonging. That sense of not fitting in is magnified, which allows abusers to tell such children that all of their fears are true: they will never fit in, they were made wrong, they must deny themselves and pretend to be something else to have value. This is an ideological movement that requires destroying the self-worth of those that it claims to help.

For creeps who share Robert Francis O’Rourke’s ideology to leave kids alone would be wonderful.

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