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Mar 04 2022

Energy Secretary: Boot Stays on Neck of Energy Industry

Now that everyone understands the pitfalls of relying on Russia for energy, the Biden Administration will take the boot off the neck of the energy industry, right? As proven under Trump, we have the resources to meet our own needs and more to spare that we can sell to Europe. But no, with Captain Biden at the helm, leftist ideology comes first, last, and always, no matter the consequences.

Fossil fuels are the lifeblood of any modern economy. But in the clip below, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm confirms that since they are ideologically icky, we must “transition” away from them, to flaky energy sources that only supply sufficient power in the never-never land inhabited by former Berkeley professors like Granholm:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is on the same page. He squeaks that the administration is not looking for “permanent solutions” to the growing energy crisis, so Big Government will not be getting out of the way of projects like the Keystone XL pipeline:

“The president has said that all options are on the table,” Buttigieg said after [MSLSD] host Stephanie Ruhle asked him whether the administration would consider authorizing the Keystone XL Pipeline to ease the rise in gas and energy prices since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “But we also need to make sure that we are not galloping after permanent solutions to immediate short term problems, where more strategic and tactical actions in the short term can make a difference, like what you have with the strategic reserve, which exists partly in order to respond to situations like this.”

What happens when the strategic reserve is gone? Buttigieg hasn’t thought it through that far.

Meanwhile, vast oceans of oil lay unused under the ANWAR wasteland, because people don’t have the good sense not to vote for Democrats.

Russia has been shelling the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station in Ukraine. Democrats are taking less dramatic but comparably effective measures against our own ability to generate energy.

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