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May 17 2021

Biden Kills National Garden of American Heroes

At least Trump respects our country and its heritage, in stark contrast to the political opposition:

Executive Order 13978, signed Jan. 18 by former President Donald Trump, directed a task force to construct a statuary park populated with sculptures of important figures in American history. Trump enacted the order in response to calls to dismantle monuments and landmarks commemorating Americans who played major roles in the nation’s development.

That dismantling has been effected on an impromptu basis throughout the country by Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs, who have defaced and destroyed statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and others to express a ferocious hatred of America to which Biden and his party are eager to pander.

Executive orders are easily rescinded by more executive orders. This will be a wonderful thing if the For the People Act is defeated, because if we have fair elections a Republican president will be able to do away with the avalanche of EOs Biden’s radical handlers have placed before him. It is not such a wonderful thing with Democrats in power. On Friday, Biden signed an order nixing the National Garden of American Heroes, putting an end to a national project for the “restoration, veneration, and celebration” of those who created our great nation.

Critics claimed that these monuments highlighted controversial personalities, such as certain Founding Fathers, with a record of wrongdoing that shouldn’t be celebrated.

If they can dupe us into rejecting our own Founding Fathers, liberals have killed America.

The National Garden was set to feature influential Americans including John Adams, Muhammad Ali, Andrew Carnegie, Frederick Douglass, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Milton Friedman, Andrew Jackson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, among many others, according to the order.

Note that it included heroes of the Left, like the socialist tyrant FDR and the anti-American draft dodger Muhammad Ali. Not good enough. It also included people leftists hate for not being leftists. All such people are to be canceled, not honored.

Biden’s handlers are likely to reverse any Trump executive order out of juvenile spite. Five other ones were revoked on Friday. It is surprising they didn’t get around to killing the National Garden sooner, given their intolerance toward American tradition.

In its place, they might create a National Garden of Sociopathic Lowlifes, featuring statues of the dead criminals the liberal establishment demands we revere.

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