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Jul 25 2023

Democrats Denounce Cambodia for Acting Like Democrats

Maybe it isn’t hypocrisy and projection taken to surreal extremes. Maybe our moonbat rulers are developing a sense of humor. First Hunter Biden’s lawyer lodged an ethics complaint against a Republican representative investigating the Biden Crime Family’s corruption. Now the regime ups the chutzpah by denouncing Cambodia for threatening and harassing the political opposition.

Jests Biden’s State Department:

The United States is troubled that the July 23 Cambodian elections were neither free nor fair.

Ahead of the elections, Cambodian authorities engaged in a pattern of threats and harassment against the political opposition, media, and civil society that undermined the spirit of the country’s constitution…

As the ruling Cambodian People’s Party forms a new government, authorities have an opportunity to improve the country’s international standing, including by restoring genuine multi-party democracy, ending politically motivated trials, reversing convictions of government critics, and allowing independent media outlets to reopen and function without interference.

Patterns of threats and harassment are serious. What did the Cambodian regime do, indict the opposition leader on patently bogus charges? Subject peaceful dissidents to 11 months of solitary confinement essentially for protesting against election fraud?

Are Cambodia’s politically motivated trials as Stalinesque as the theatrical January 6 inquisitions? Did the Cambodian equivalent of the New York Post get silenced by social media conspiring with the Cambodian equivalent of the KGB/FBI so as to kill a bombshell story that would have changed the election result?

Maybe the Cambodian FBI also classifies regular Cambodians who oppose the regime as “domestic extremists.” Maybe that regime has conspired to pack the highest court.

Democrats complaining about banana republic politics is like Pol Pot calling the kettle a communist. As Revolver News observes, under Democrat rule,

We’ve become a laughingstock and are no longer the moral leader of the world — “the shining city on a hill.”

It is still not too late to turn this around. But it won’t be accomplished by half measures.

Not a joke, as Creepy Joe would croak.

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