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Sep 14 2020

Black Lives Matter Comes After LeBron James

No matter how you pander to the crocodile, there is no guarantee it will come after you last, especially if it is a Marxist crocodile and you are conspicuously rich. No one could out-moonbat LeBron James, who wails loudly about the oppression of his race despite having acquired a net worth of $450 million playing a game in a country he openly disrespects. Yet the very Black Lives Matter mob that he has encouraged temporarily blocked NBA buses from entering the Walt Disney World campus on Saturday, brandishing megaphones:

Among their chants: “Black Lives Matter” and “LeBron can you help us?”

How about it, LeBron? If you really want your country torn to pieces in the name of cultural Marxism, why not shower some of your vast wealth upon the foot soldiers trying to make it happen?

The protesters assembled near one of the entrances and were not inside the so-called bubble, where teams, NBA staff and other have been for more than two months in some cases for the resumption of the season.

It would be hard to imagine a better metaphor for pro sports in general and the ultra-left, mostly black NBA in particular than the “bubble.” It protects them not only from COVID-19 but from the consequences of the toxic ideology they theatrically promote. Waging ideological war on police officers gets cops shot; it gets people living in black neighborhoods shot too. But, aside from harassment of a bus they weren’t even on, the zillionaire leftists inside the bubble are safe — until the Marxist revolution they have abetted gets out of hand.

All entrances to the bubble — whether it is the hotel properties or the arenas where games are played — are secured by law enforcement, security officers or both.

Law enforcement officers are to be abolished according to the Black Lives Matter ideology that is aggressively promoted by the NBA.

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