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Feb 15 2021

Black Lives Matter Still Wreaking Havoc in NYC

Now that the Bad Orange Man is gone, America is united and can heal, honks Biden. Or maybe the Bad Orange Man wasn’t the cause of our problems after all. Maybe obsequiously pandering to the people who really are causing them won’t make the problems go away. In New York Friday night,

About 100 protesters attended the “F*** 12” march in Midtown Manhattan.

“F*** 12” is moonbat shorthand for “F*** the police.”

Demonstrators with Black Lives Matter, which was nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize three weeks ago, burned an American flag and a pro-law enforcement thin blue line flag near the NYPD kiosk in Times Square in a supposed protest against police brutality.

If BLM doesn’t get a Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama should have to give his back. After all, he was awarded it before he had yet sown seeds of havoc with his divisive politics.

During the F12 march at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and 54th Street, someone motioned toward a man and yelled, “He’s a cop!” About a dozen protesters surrounded the man, who is actually a New York Daily News photographer. The New York Post reported that the crowd began “shoving him and beating him with their fists and other objects.” The victim, identified as Sam Costanza, suffered a broken nose, according to the New York Daily News.

The Daily Snooze is a left-wing publication; its propagandists helped create this situation. Nonetheless, it is appalling to see journalists attacked. Still more appalling is that two police officers were injured and two police vehicles damaged.

Note that Black Lives Matter sociopaths are the good guys, according to the liberal establishment. New York’s municipal government ostentatiously sides with them against the police. Corporations shower them with massive amounts of money. The Democrat Party included a video ode to them at last year’s convention. The vice president has raised funds to bail them out of jail so that they can continue to take part in riots, which she avers should not stop.

Also on Friday, social justice warriors harassed police and vandalized storefronts in Portland. If you encourage bad behavior, you get more of it.

What “healing” looks like in NYC.


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