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Jul 09 2024

California Star Chamber for Transsexualizing Children

If it would please you to sexually mutilate your child but the other parent objects, head to the erstwhile Golden State. Authorities will go to extremes to take you side:

“My ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, wants to castrate my son, James,” Jeff Younger, the father, told The Daily Signal in a statement Wednesday. James is 12 years old. “Judge Michelle Kazadi denied me access to my own case records. She illegally sealed my case with no public access.”

The trial has been made secret à la Star Chamber. The process is so rigged that Younger can’t even get an independent medical examnation of his son.

Normally the moving vans go from California to Texas. But sometimes people have reason to move the other way:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an official opinion on Feb. 18, 2022, stating that performing any sterilizing medical procedure on a child constitutes felony child abuse. Georgulas later described Texas as having a “dangerous political climate,” and she moved to California in November 2022. Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., had signed state Senate Bill 107, turning California into a “sanctuary state” for “gender-affirming care.”

“Bottom surgery” may be the fate awaiting the 12-year-old boy whose mother evidently decided he wants to be a girl at least 8 years ago. It would be difficult to overstate the evil of inflicting the LGBT agenda on children.

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