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May 15 2022

Calvin Klein and Target Push LGBT Envelope

Now that moonbattery has driven American culture over the edge, Calvin Klein’s attempts to be edgy no longer succeed. Their ads are depraved, disgusting, grotesque, nightmarish, insane, and evil, but not edgy, because they merely drive home the viewpoint the degenerate ruling class wants you to have.

Via Daily Wire:

A Mother’s Day ad campaign from Calvin Klein featured a transgender ‘man’ as part of the brand’s inclusive spread.

The pregnant “man” is topless. The horrific scars where her breasts had been sliced away in the name of LGBT ideology are disturbingly displayed.

It is an advertisement out of the twisted depths of hell. Hardcore pornography could not be more inappropriate. No doubt that is what the advertising industry will serve up for us next.

“Today, in support of women and mothers around the world, we highlight the reality of new families,” the company shared in the Instagram description, which included a variety of photos including a mother with just her child and an interracial couple as well.

Clothes ads are not about clothes anymore. Now they are about promoting the progressive agenda.

Comments on Instagram were overwhelmingly supportive, which is unsurprising in light of this corporate statement:

“At Calvin Klein, we tolerate everything except intolerance— any intolerant commentary will be removed, and any accounts issuing hateful statements may be blocked.”

That’s how they magically fixed it so that everyone agrees that women should start families together, and some of them should amputate their breasts and take drugs that make them grow beards, with the Devil knows what consequences for the children they conceive through artificial insemination.

“We look forward to continuing a positive and inclusive dialogue in partnership with our community.”

As they made clear, by “dialogue,” they mean monologue.

Calvin Klein is not alone in its politically motivated psychosis. For example, Apple added a pregnant man emoji to its platform in compliance with the liberal demand that we pretend such a thing is possible.

Target, known for going out of its way to support homosexual adoption and men in the women’s dressing room, continues to push perversion:

Target has partnered with a brand called TomboyX to create and sell compression tops, which are marketed as a less restrictive version of a chest binder, used to flatten a female’s breasts and aid in a social transition.

Chest binders are the LGBT equivalent of the foot binders that have been inflicted on girls in China, to the world’s horror. Despite what the media might tell you, chest binders do not transform girls into boys. However, they can inhibit breathing, fracture ribs, and cause a great deal of pain.

Showcasing these items as if teenagers everywhere have been looking for a chest binder or unisex article of clothing grossly overestimates the number of LGBT youth, normalizing these items for kids who are not their target audience. This goes beyond a need to represent a population that claims to be marginalized. This is a blatant attempt to normalize something about which most teenagers cannot relate.

Like education under the domination of LGBT groomers in public schools, retail has been subordinated to perverted social engineering.

Are we below the fold yet? Here’s what passes for advertising in a world run by moonbats:

The least you can do for decency, sanity, and good taste is never under any circumstances give business to corporations at the vanguard of moonbattery like Calvin Klein and Target.

On tips from Franco, Feet2Fire, and Stormfax. Hat tip: Conservatively Speaking.


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