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Nov 30 2020

Candace Owens Pushes Back Lying “Fact Checkers”

To assist in censoring opposition to its intolerant ideology, Big Tech utilizes “fact checkers.” These consist of fellow leftists who lend a superficial veneer of credibility to the deplatforming of conservatives by pretending to be neutral arbiters of truth.

Among the most ham-fisted of the fact checkers is PolitiFact, which denounces factually correct information as untrue. The thought police may stop inflicting this form of cancelation on Candace Owens, because they have gotten too much pushback:

It is indisputable fact that no matter how many times the MSM calls Joe Biden “president-elect,” he is not the president-elect until the elections have been certified by the states and the Electoral College has voted. Technically speaking, the liberal establishment media does not run the country — at least not according to the Constitution.

Owens is suing several “fact checkers” for helping to suppress information and opinion that does not support the mendacious liberal narrative: PolitFact, USAToday, and Lead Stories.

Frequent victim of Big Tech censorship Mark Dice tips his hat:

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