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Mar 11 2021

Profiles in Cowardice: Winston Marshall

A society becomes free due to courage. It stays free by the same means. Courage is a manifestation of character, which has been eroded in the West by moonbattery. Britain will degenerate into Airstrip One if it becomes a nation of cringing cowards like Winston Marshall, banjo player for the folk rock band Mumford & Sons.

Breitbart reports:

On Saturday, Marshall had fallen under fire by leftists on social media after tweeting, “Congratulations @MrAndyNgo. Finally had the time to read your important book. You’re a brave man,” alongside an image of Ngo’s new book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.

At least Marshall recognizes bravery when he sees it. Ngo has done the crucial work the “mainstream” media refuses to do by getting up close to Antifa and reporting back. Antifa has responded as you would expect of fascist thugs (sorry, I mean antifascist thugs), sending him to the emergency room with a brain hemorrhage and threatening to kill him. After his book came out, he was forced to seek refuge abroad (ironically, in Marshall’s UK), but don’t expect him to quit.

Marshall’s endorsement produced the predictable response from tolerant liberals on Twitter. He was denounced as a “Nazi sh**bag” et cetera. Not being of Ngo’s caliber, he quickly caved to the mob, deleting the tweet.

That wasn’t enough. In hopes of appeasing unappeasable cancel culture, Marshall dropped to his knees and begged moonbats to forgive him.

This may be the most disgusting thing you ever see. Marshall tweeted the following:

“Over the past few days I have come to better understand the pain caused by the book I endorsed. I have offended not only a lot of people I don’t know, but also those closest to me, including my bandmates and for that I am truly sorry. As a result of my actions I am taking time away from the band to examine my blindspots.

“For now, please know that I realise how my endorsements have the potential to be viewed as approvals of hateful, divisive behaviour. I apologise, as this was not at all my intention.”

Paul Joseph Watson comments:

Quite how anyone thinks it’s controversial to be critical of Antifa, a disgusting, violent, extremist group that routinely attacks innocent people, including the disabled, is anyone’s guess.

Antifa is perhaps the most “hateful” and “divisive” organization in existence, although they’d face stiff competition from Black Lives Matter.

Antifa violence has been inflicted in support of Black Lives Matter so often that when it comes to mayhem, there is little point distinguishing between them.

Despite Antifa enjoying the overt support of the media and the tacit support of the Democratic Party, a recent Harvard/Harris poll found that 71% understand it to be a terrorist group. People just can’t say so publicly, because bullies are scary.

Tipping your hat to Andy Ngo is clearly extreme thoughtcrime. This gives the lie to woke ideology. Ngo is gay and nonwhite. Given the treatment he has received from Antifa thugs, he is far more of a victim than pampered campus crybullies who whimper about microaggressions. Progressives demand that we submit to them in the name of gays and nonwhites, who are sacred in the liberal religion due to their alleged victimhood. Yet Ngo is anathema, because he exposes the tactics of leftist brownshirts. On the Left, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always seizing power as an end in itself.

Mar 08 2021

Confessions of a Former Antifa Moonbat

They make it hard sometimes, but we should loathe the moonbattery, not the moonbat, if only because those who have thrown in their lot with leftists can come to their senses and redeem themselves — like former Antifa nihilist Gabriel Nadales. Here he reveals what self-styled “antifascists” think the term fascism means, and explains how people who might otherwise be healthy and normal succumb to leftism:

Leftism has become the default position because leftists bully their opponents into silence. The more hegemony they achieve, the more intolerantly they marginalize opposition — that’s why we have cancel culture. But unless you want to live in a world run by Antifa types, not pushing back is not an option.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Feb 08 2021

More Black Lives Matter/Antifa Havoc in DC

At least now that Biden is in office, the leftist mob violence genie that was coaxed out to dislodge Trump will go peacefully back into the bottle — or maybe not:

On Saturday night, members of BLM and Antifa protested in D.C., where they regularly chanted, “If we don’t get it, burn it down!”

What is the “it” they demand?

Black Lives Matter is led by black supremacist Marxists. Imagine a communist country under the totalitarian control of racist maniacs cut from the same cloth as Stokely Carmichael and Louis Farrakhan. Nothing less than that will satisfy them.

Antifa consists of militant nihilists. Nothing short of total destruction will satisfy them.

Liberal establishmentarians are hereby notified that the crocodile will not necessarily eat them last.

The disturbance was called an “FTP March.” FTP stands for “f*** the police.” The marchers are similarly unfriendly toward regular people just minding their own business:

The demonstrators stopped near a row of restaurants, where protest leaders delivered lectures about “race, Black and Indigenous lives” to nearby diners.

What about the big show of force intended to make sure we all know that no more lunatics in buffalo costumes will be allowed to break into the Capitol?

“There are currently about 7,000 National Guard members in the city providing security,” ABC News reported. “That number is expected to slowly go down to 5,000, and they are set to stay until about mid-March. The total cost for the deployment is expected to be close to $500 million.”

However, military occupation does not apply to mostly peaceful leftist protesters. At least, not until things really start to get out of hand.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Feb 04 2021

Wokesters Desecrate Abraham Lincoln in Boise

A story from Boise epitomizes today’s Left and its relation to American heritage:

A bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, known as “Seated Lincoln,” was vandalized with paint, feces, and protest signs on Monday in Julia Davis Park. Three protest groups claimed responsibility for the act.

Among the groups claiming responsibility was “Peaceful Roots of Change.”

Members of the group described the act as a temporary political display meant to raise awareness on the first day of Black History Month.

As part of his reward for freeing the slaves, Honest Abe got a Black Lives Matter flag wrapped around his neck.

The other groups involved were Black Lives Matter Boise and Antifa Boise.

Once again, Lincoln was targeted on the pretext that he saved from the noose the vast majority but not all of the Indians involved in the Santee Sioux uprising. According to woke ideology, it is an unforgiveable sin to have punished savages for murdering whites in the 19th century.

Also, Peaceful Roots of Change spokesmoonbat Samantha Hager falsely claims that Lincoln owned slaves. Now that objective truth has been subordinated to liberal ideology, history is whatever leftists imagine would justify their behavior.

Hager barks that the Constitution of the country she is trying to destroy guarantees the right to vandalize statues. She says the group consulted with the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild prior to the vandalism, and smugly crows,

“We have wonderful lawyers on our side that are at our beck and call.”

How wonderful these lawyers are is a matter of opinion.

People still move to Idaho in hopes of escaping liberalism and its predictable consequences. But it is no longer far enough. Nowhere on earth is far enough. If we don’t fight leftists where we stand, they win. America will continue to be defiled, then erased.

Applied liberal ideology.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Jan 31 2021

Liberal Nihilism Explained

Gregory McKelvey is an avowed communist who served as campaign manager to Sarah Iannarone, the Antifa candidate for Mayor of Portland. In explaining the sociopathic behavior of Antifa mobs, he offers some insight into the nihilism that is surpassing even superciliousness as the primary distinguishing characteristic of liberals.

McKelvey, via Willamette Week:

For generations like mine and the one after, we have been told our entire lives that the world is about to end if nothing is done immediately, and that all of the evils of our world—climate chaos, racism, the ills of capitalism, and more—are all inexplicably linked. In my mind, and the minds of protesters, these things are objectively true.

If we are going understand the endless pointless rioting,

we must put ourselves in the minds of someone who probably rightfully believes the world is ending or, at a minimum, is on the brink of being unrecognizable with incredible amounts of death, pain and climate chaos. …

It’s amazing to me that liberal Democrats really do believe that we are on the brink of something like Armageddon and then are shocked that some people behave like it.

The Democrat Party’s ideology is not meant to be taken literally. It is a tool to maintain the hegemony of the liberal establishment. How else do you explain American corporations donating $billions to the explicitly Marxist Black Lives Matter movement?

Our rulers are playing with dynamite, because some people will take their phony ideology at face value. The gullible and the hopelessly brainwashed who have never ventured outside the bubble of liberal propaganda will literally believe that freedom is racist and therefore evil, that capitalism makes people poor rather than wealthy, and that the entire planet will die if we don’t let the government radically reduce our standard of living.

This ideology is a virus vastly more dangerous than COVID-19.

The primary symptom is nihilism, which destroys respect for everything we need to believe in to prevent civilization from sliding into decline. This nihilism explains the appalling decay of American culture showcased by the entertainment industry, and the willingness of millions to support the corruption and autocracy personified by Joe Biden.

On a tip from TCS III. Hat tip: Hot Air.

Jan 27 2021

Antifa Forces Andy Ngo to Flee USA

No wonder there are hardly any real journalists in this country anymore, only servile Democrat apparatchiks who have switched from hecklers of Donald Trump to dewy-eyed idolaters of Joe Biden. This is no longer a safe country for real journalists — not once they have a reputation for exposing the viciousness of the Left’s street-level shock troops. That’s why Andy Ngo has had to flee the erstwhile Land of the Free in fear for his life:

In an interview with Sky News about his upcoming new book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” Ngo explained to his hosts that “for [any] number of months now there’s just been increasing threats of violence against me, promises by Antifa extremists to kill me.”

Ngo — who’s now in London — noted that “all those threats were reported to authorities, and even when I provided names of some of the suspects, nothing was done. So, it’s pained me a lot to temporarily [have] to leave the country and home that settled my parents, who came there as political refugees.”

It used to be that political refugees fled to America, rather than from it. At least we still receive plenty of economic “refugees,” thanks to the extravagant generosity of the welfare state.

For years, Ngo has served as the primary information source on Antifa from his base in Portland. He kept at it even after Antifa goons brutally beat him in 2019.

Serving as an island of honest journalism in a sea of partisan activism, Ngo resisted any temptation to blame the Capitol Riot on Antifa.

Ngo is fair to Antifa wokesters. He tells the truth about them. That’s why they want to kill him.

Ngo also has the honor of having made enemies among our liberal elite overlords:

A little over a week ago, New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong — who was hired by the “paper of record” despite her history of relentless social media attacks against “dumbass f***ing white people.” — set her sights on Ngo, calling him “dangerous” and a “very real threat.”

As soft tyranny gives way to hard, we are reaching the point where being called “dangerous” and a “threat” by powerful liberals is itself a threat, indicating that you are in genuine danger.

Antifa has also managed to intimidate Portland’s well-known Powell’s Books into not stocking or promoting Ngo’s upcoming book.

Huey Long had it right if he really said, “Sure, we’ll have Fascism in this country and we’ll call it anti-Fascism.”

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 21 2021

Mob Violence Genie Remains Out of Bottle

In 2020, the liberal establishment released the mob violence genie by inciting, praising, and facilitating Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots. This worked beautifully, resulting in $billions in damages, destroying any number of businesses, and feeding a public perception of the country spinning out of control, which helped Democrats seize power. Now that it has served its purpose, will the genie obediently slink back into its bottle? Unlikely.

This was the scene on Inauguration Day in Portland:

Biden’s VP (and possibly already our de facto president) Kamala Harris has praised Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters as the “heroes of our time,” has explicitly called for them to keep it up, and has raised funds to bail them out of jail so that they can resume their destructive activities. But no one could be far enough left to suit a mob addicted to public displays of political violence — not even Biden’s handlers.

There won’t be fewer pointless “imperialist” wars under Biden’s handlers.

The Portland fun climaxed at Democratic Party HQ, where the social justice warriors paid their respects:

In case it wasn’t already clear that Biden’s own foot soldiers don’t like him much better than patriots do,

Meanwhile, up the Left Coast in Seattle, the original Starbucks location was attacked, as was a courthouse:

There was more Antifa violence in Denver and Sacramento.

Good thing Antifa is left-wing. Otherwise, the liberal establishment would be running these videos 24/7 as proof that dissidents need to be detained in reeducation camps.

On tips from Stormfax and TCS III.

Jan 15 2021

Inauguration Day, 2017

As Vlad Tepes notes, it is very important to remember past events as they actually happened in a country that has come to resemble Winston Smith’s Airstrip One.

The catastrophe at the Capitol on January 6 has allowed the liberal establishment to portray its opposition as a violent mob. For the inauguration on Wednesday, Washington will look like a police state. There may be more armed soldiers than spectators. “What a shame,” journalists will lament, “that we have to live like this thanks to conservatives.”

Footage of progressives tearing up DC at the last inauguration will go down the memory hole.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Jan 11 2021

Antifa/BLM Own NYC Streets, Attack Journalist

Meanwhile, as our liberal overlords exploit the insurrection at the Capitol last Wednesday as a pretext to crush free speech, Antifa and Black Lives Matter continue to enjoy a free hand to dominate public spaces, and not only in dystopian Portland. Yesterday they flexed their muscle in New York City:

A large group of Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators wearing black bloc and carrying shields marched in the streets of Manhattan on Sunday. …

The marchers chanted, “Whose mother-f**king streets? Our mother-f**king streets” …

Here’s how they treat interlopers on their MF’ing streets:

Social-media journalist Tara Szczepanski reported being assaulted by some from the rally. She reported having an egg smashed on the back of her head.

In the video she tweeted, she is assaulted by at least two of the men. One sprayed her with a chemical string and another appeared to strike her with a skateboard.

The mob identified her as “a f**king Nazi” and accused her of supporting the President of the USA. Anyone who fails to embrace Antifa/BLM ideology is a Nazi and will be treated accordingly.

Szczepanski rushed to nearby NYPD police officers and appears to be assaulted again — in view of the cops. She said they “they told me to stay 6 feet from them and let me be attacked.”

What else would you expect in Bill de Blasio’s New York?

Let’s watch some of Szczepanski’s video, since the MSM doesn’t cover stuff like this:

Our progressive future opens before us like the gates of hell.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jan 08 2021

Antifa Continues to Harass Ted Wheeler

Antifa rioted in Portland for 100+ consecutive nights, while Mayor Ted Wheeler wrung his hands and bleated sympathetically. Let’s see what kind of thanks he is receiving lately:

Wheeler and a dinner companion had been seated in Café Nell’s outdoor dining area for about five minutes when a group started shouting obscenities at him from outside the tent, mayoral spokesman Jim Middaugh said in a statement.

The hecklers forced their way past restaurant employees and confronted Wheeler, who asked them to leave.

“At that point, one member of the group started swatting at the Mayor and made physical contact with him,” Middaugh said.

Wheeler was not hurt, but would be within his rights to press charges for assault, not that he is likely to.

Last summer, Antifa laid siege to his home. Only very recently has he expressed a serious willingness to restore order, after handcuffing the police and resisting outside assistance.

The lesson: there is no middle ground with Antifa. If you oppose them in the slightest way, they will regard you as the enemy.

Meanwhile, the chaos continues:

On a tip from TCS III.

Jan 05 2021

Portland Riots Must Have Served Their Purpose

The election must really be over. The well over 100 riots that have erupted in Portland since last spring having served their political purpose, Mayor Ted Wheeler is willing to put an end to them by calling in outside help:

Wheeler requested for federal, state, and county law enforcement “to convene to deal with anarchist violence as soon as possible.” He also asked for the state legislature to increase penalties for repeat offenders of criminal destruction and vandalism.

In the past, Wheeler has pandered to the leftist rioters, handcuffing the police and resisting outside assistance despite his obvious inability to handle the situation himself. He even blamed those who offered to help for creating “the hate and the division.”

Time will tell whether Democrats can get the Black Lives Matter/Antifa genie back in the bottle now that they have conjured it.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Jan 03 2021

Leftist Mob Turns on Nancy Pelosi

Anyone who thought the leftist mob that Democrats have nurtured and encouraged could ever be satisfied should consider what they did to one of Nancy Pelosi’s residences. Via ABC 7:

A home in San Francisco belonging to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was vandalized early Friday morning with an apparent reference to lawmakers’ failed efforts to provide Americans with $2,000 COVID-19 relief checks.

Another $600 apiece just for breathing was not enough. Start handing out something for free and demands for more will inevitably escalate. This is why people are advised not to feed wild animals.

Like Trump, Pelosi wants to give everyone another $2,000, to be paid for through inflation by anyone with savings or on a fixed income. But she has failed to come through with the cash, so the mob is getting restless.

The graffiti was found on the garage door of Pelosi’s home overnight with the phrases “$2K”, “Cancel rent!” and “We want everything.”

They do mean everything. The Frankenstein monster liberals created won’t settle for anything less.

The vandals also left fake blood and what appears to be a pig head outside the House Speaker’s San Francisco home.

It could be that Pelosi’s Marxist rhetoric denouncing “disparities in income” is not ringing true among her fellow left-wingers. Incidentally, she is worth $114 million.

The graffiti on Pelosi’s garage includes a demand for “UBI” — i.e., universal basic income. They don’t want an unearned $2,000 check just once. They want one on a regular basis for the rest of their lives. When they get it, they will demand $3,000 checks, then $4,000…

Mitch McConnell, who proved responsible enough to block the $2,000 handout, received similar treatment. Note that the mob does not distinguish between those who actively oppose it and those who try but fail to grant its demands.

Hilariously, McConnell’s door was vandalized with a misspelled attempt to write “Where’s my money?” Everyone else’s money rightfully belongs to leftists, according to the ideology the liberal establishment has cultivated.

On tips from Chuck A, KirklesWorth, Mr. Freemarket, and TCS III.

Dec 28 2020

Profiles in Moonbattery: Mikaele Andrew Baker

If you have kids, pay close attention to whose custody you place them in. You wouldn’t want their malleable minds warped by a camp counselor like Mikaele Andrew Baker.

Via Post Millennial:

An Antifa militant who publicized a hit list of Seattle business owners has been identified as a trans nonbinary furry and children’s camp counselor who has been arrested multiple times at violent protests.

Mikaele Andrew Baker, 23, of Seattle, tweeted an extensive list of local business owners last week who signed a petition in support of the dismantling of a growing autonomous zone in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The business owners were subsequently doxed and received threats.

In today’s political climate, they easily might have been burned to the ground, particularly in a place like Seattle, where local authorities largely side with Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists.

Baker was born male but now identifies as trans nonbinary and uses “they/them” pronouns.

Liberals would like nothing better than for children to grow up regarding guys like Baker as normal and even as role models.

Baker has called for violence on Twitter, dropping pearls of wisdom like this:

“What’s the point of having guns if you’re not going to use them to shoot racists? #seattleprotests #CHAZ.”

He is Vice-Chair of the Washington Progressive Party, a 2020 certified state delegate for Bernie Sanders, and a member of the Youth Liberation Front, which organizes violent “direct actions,” i.e., terrorist activity. Apparently none of this pays well, because he also works as a childcare worker and counselor at summer camps.

Online, Baker identifies as an “antifascist catgirl” and is open about [his] sexual fetishes, including having a desire for “punishment enemas” and exploring [his] “pet side.”

There was a time when Americans would not let a fellow like Baker near their children, even in Seattle.

At least he isn’t a schoolteacher like Yvette/Yvonne Felarca or a journalist like Renea Goddard.

On a tip from Jester.

Dec 07 2020

Patriots Defend Old Glory From Antifa

Every day would be Pearl Harbor Day if it were up to the Democrat Party’s radical base. Encouragingly, there are still some willing to respond appropriately to their aggression:

On a tip from Lyle.

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