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Sep 06 2023

Chicago Teachers Union Head Sends Kid to Private School

If there is one thing the head of a teacher’s union would know, it is not to let your own kids anywhere near the public schools they control. Sure enough:

Stacy Davis-Gates is undoubtedly Illinois’ most prominent and rabid opponent of school choice — and pretty much everybody and everything associated with it, all of which she labels racist or worse. As president of the Chicago Teachers Union, she is at the forefront of its campaign to kill Illinois’ meager Invest in Kids Act, which currently gives about 9,000 disadvantaged kids scholarships to attend private schools. …

But, as initially reported by SubX News, she sends one of her kids to Chicago’s De La Salle Institute, a private, Catholic high school.

Even moonbats care about their own offspring, when they aren’t aborting them.

Stacy shrieks that school choice is racist. Listen to her pile on the BS during a webinar:

The Common Good strategy is a benefit for my leadership. What it does is that it provides instant legitimacy for my experience at the coalition table. I am a black woman and I am in labor, there ain’t a lot of us here leading at this level. … I’m also a mother, my children go to the Chicago public school. These are things that help to legitimize my space within the coalition but also helps to amplify my voice as a leader in labor because a white dude whose kids go to school in the suburbs can’t really have that same voice in the same way. … I’m not asking other people to make a sacrifice that my family isn’t making. So this is a very authentic place that I’m in.

With authenticity like this, she belongs in the Biden Administration. Look out, Miguel Cardona. Stacy could be coming for your job.

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