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May 11 2023

Cultural Marxist Brainwashing Now Mandatory at SUNY

Leftism has subverted every college subject, including even medicine (see here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.). But that’s no reason not to put each and every student through reeducation bootcamp. If North Korea’s rulers were in charge of American universities, they would run them like SUNY:

The State University of New York will institute a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice course into its core curriculum across its 64 campuses beginning next fall for every incoming student.

There is to be no escape. Only by taking other classes in leftist radicalism can students avoid this one.

Students are not there to receive the education they want in exchange for tuition payments (plus lavish taxpayer subsidies). They are there to be put through a meat grinder and come out the other end as intellectually homogenous moonbats ready to serve the liberal establishment.

The new course will “explore race, class, and gender identity,” according to SUNY officials.

They will not be told anything bad about favored groups (blacks, homosexuals, women, Muslims) or anything good about disfavored groups (whites, nonperverts, men, Christians). They are to be trained on who to love and who to hate. Unless they spout the correct rhetoric, their GPAs will suffer.

Professors are not allowed to deviate from the socially corrosive leftist viewpoint. According to a fact sheet provided by SUNY educrats,

In fulfilling the learning outcomes for the DEISJ category, courses must explicitly address how institutional and societal structures lead to inequities across groups.

Dissident professors who stress forbidden concepts like liberty, individuality, merit, and personal responsibility are likely to lose their jobs.

The stated purpose is “closing racial equity gaps.” That can only be achieved by holding us down to a lowest common denominator. Refer to the black majority country of your choice to see what the social engineers have in mind for America’s future.

Mandatory diversity/equity/inclusion (i.e., cultural Marxism) indoctrination is already imposed on the 23 campuses of the California State University system.

Some ideologies can’t stand on their own. They have to be imposed by force.

Small wonder that recent college graduates are unprepared for work. Work is oppression anyway.

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