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Dec 17 2020

Denied COVID-19 Funds for Not Being Black

If you expect to receive coronavirus relief funds in Oregon, it helps to have the right skin color. The Oregon Legislature Emergency Board has proclaimed that $62 million of a $200 pot intended to rescue small businesses crippled by the COVID-19 overreaction has to go to blacks.

Via Just the News:

Maria Garcia, owner of the Revolucion Coffee House in Portland, applied for some of that $62 million allotment, called the Oregon Cares Fund, but was denied because she doesn’t “identify as Black.” Under the program, black families are reportedly eligible for up to $3,000 and black-owned businesses for up to $100,000 in government funds.

She is suing in federal court on the grounds that this violates the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution. Such lawsuits have a prayer only so long as appointments by Democrats have not displaced sufficient nonleftists from the judiciary, at which point the Constitution will have been rendered moot.

Any doling out of money by government will be politicized. With liberals in control, that means it will be done at least in part on a racial basis. Those who don’t like it are probably white, and as we keep hearing, white people’s opinions don’t matter, because they are racists.

Now for the punchline. Money goes to blacks but not whites in the same position because blacks are oppressed.

If you need COVID-19 relief in Oregon and can’t pass yourself off as black, try being a sex worker.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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