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Feb 02 2024

Disney’s Wheel of Wokeness

Disney rose to prominence by providing wholesome children’s entertainment. Then it was subverted by liberals. Its purpose now is to advance the progressive agenda, primarily by promoting sexual depravity to kids.

Like all evil inflicted on a large scale, this is done in the name of an ideology. Disney’s is the same as the Democratic Party’s — a virulent strain of moonbattery known as Cultural Marxism. Employees are instructed on how to think with this Wheel of Power/Privilege:

People are to be judged not on their individual merits, but on how far out they are from the center of the wheel. Those on the outer edge are to be revered; those closest to the hub are to be reviled.

The center is labeled POWER because Cultural Marxism is based on the lie that normal people despised by the liberal establishment are somehow powerful. Those who enjoy privilege because they are favored by our leftist overlords are to be venerated as MARGINALIZED.

As George Orwell predicted, everything is called the diametric opposite of what it really is.

Daily Wire has context:

Posters featuring a “wheel of power/privilege” were hung in employee spaces in Disneyland, instructing employees that being white, “cisgender male,” and even speaking English means you have “unearned” privilege that your “marginalized” coworkers do not, according to images obtained by The Daily Wire. …

The image was provided by source who works for the Walt Disney Company, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from the company. …

“So many cast members, myself included, are tired of the division being pushed by companies with a lack of regard for the founder’s vision,” the source told The Daily Wire. “This isn’t what Walt would have wanted for his company. He once said, ‘To ALL who come to this happy place, Welcome.’ Things like this make people feel unwelcome, destroying the magic.”

However, failing to bully and alienate those who do not conform to leftist ideology would be a violation of the liberal doctrine of “inclusion.”

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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