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Jul 14 2021

Doll From the Moonbat Toy Chest

We’re Coming for Your Children,” sings the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir. When leftists come at something, they come at it everywhere.

They come at kids at school, with teachers teaching them to masturbate. They come at kids through television, with drag queens inculcating LGBT dogma. They come at kids at libraries, with drag queen story hours and the Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey.

Even cereal boxes strive to recruit them for alternate sexualities. Some little girls are provided with crocheted male genitals. Others are provided with toys like this:

Children are to be inducted into a culture devoid of shame and morality, which is given over to the most sordid forms of self-indulgence. In that culture, adult moonbats have their own dolls.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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