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Dec 07 2022

E-Cargo Bikes as the Future of Transport

Driving prices into the stratosphere by forcing the trucking industry to forsake fossil fuels in favor of unreliable, economically inefficient, and environmentally harmful electric vehicles is a politically virtuous start, but it won’t be enough, because nothing ever is. Shriek the climate kooks at Green Alliance:

New policy is urgently needed to get vans on the right road to net zero. Although electrifying vans is an important step, it is not the only action needed for a decarbonised transport system.

“Net zero” means that the harmless CO2 emissions that are produced by all life and that are essential to plant growth must be eliminated entirely. What zero Covid policy is to communist China, net zero will be under the rule of the Liberal World Order after it consolidates power sufficiently to impose the Great Reset.

Cue up the Wizard of Oz music that accompanies Miss Gulch riding her bicycle and behold the future of transport:

Just wait until they decarbonize the airline industry.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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