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Nov 14 2022

Ed Markey Menaces Elon Musk

The purpose of the climate crisis hoax is to provide a veneer of ostensibly benevolent intentions. Leftist Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), cosponsor of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, makes it easy to see through to what lies beneath.

After making many $millions on government-subsidized electric cars, Elon Musk has betrayed the liberal establishment by indicating that he will allow free speech on Twitter. This enrages Markey to the point of letting his mask slip:

Markey demanded answers from Musk about Twitter’s verification process after the Democratic lawmaker colluded with a Washington Post writer to create a Twitter account impersonating him. …

In a letter, Markey demanded answers from Musk for the “haphazard imposition” of changes to Twitter because “[a]llowing an imposter to impersonate a U.S. Senator on Twitter is a serious matter that you need to address promptly.” Of course, Markey failed to disclose in the letter that he gave the Washington Post writer permission to impersonate him.

This is not about impersonation; the purpose is to put a scare into Musk so that he will not allow speech that contradicts the party line. Orwell would have called such speech “thoughtcrime.” Democrats call it “misinformation” or “disinformation.” They don’t have to worry about hearing it from the Washington Post.

Markey then drew attention to his complaint by going on Twitter to accuse Musk of “putting profits over people and his debt over stopping disinformation.”

“Putting profits over people” is boilerplate Marxist rhetoric. The reference to “disinformation” is a demand for political censorship of the sort imposed under Twitter’s previous owners.

Musk did not become the world’s richest man by being easy to push around. His response:

“Perhaps it is because your real account sounds like a parody?” Musk mocked.

“And why does your [profile picture] have a mask!?” he said.

That brought the mask off. Growled Markey:

Fix your companies. Or Congress will.

Biden too has threatened Musk, croaking about inflicting a federal investigation regarding his “relationships with other countries.” This is rich, coming from a swamp creature who openly boasted of using US taxpayer money to protect his bagman Hunter’s unsavory activities in Ukraine, and who required the help of Twitter to suppress information regarding his influence peddling to our communist Chinese adversaries. The media has been egging on Biden, asking whether Musk is a threat to national security.

Democrats may as well drop the global warming window dressing. By now we all know what we are dealing with: tyranny.

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