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Dec 09 2022

Expert Explains Why People Hate Brittney Griner Deal

Biden’s big Brittney Griner deal is the first trade involving a WNBA player to attract public interest. Not everyone is happy with it. The moonbats at Insider try to figure out why:

Dani Gilbert, an expert on hostage taking and recovery and a Rosenwald Fellow in US Foreign Policy and International Security at Dartmouth College’s John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, told Insider, before Griner’s release, that her research suggests that “how someone came to be in need of assistance affects whether or not the public thinks that person should receive it.”

This phenomenon, she said, is called the “deservingness heuristic.”

That’s why the Experts make the big bucks. They can make the obvious seem complicated.

Griner refused to stand for our national anthem. She violated Russian law in Russia and deserves Russian punishment.

Others incarcerated in Russia do not deserve it. Examples include the US Marine left behind in a labor camp on dubious espionage charges, Paul Whelan. Another is Marc Fogel, who like Griner was arrested for drugs, but unlike her was not indulging in them out of degeneracy and arrogance. He was caught with medical marijuana that he had been prescribed for severe chronic spinal pain. At last word, the 61-year-old was in a hard labor colony. I doubt he is getting his pain meds.

Both Whelan and Fogel have been in Russian custody longer than Griner was. Both are vastly more deserving of assistance. But neither is a Lesbian of Color, so Biden threw away his only notable bargaining chip to get Griner.

Predictably, the Expert turns reality on its head, and portrays Griner’s privilege as oppression:

Gilbert believed that the fact that Griner is Black could have been “a huge part of the lack of attention to her case.”

Two more worthy but regrettably for them Caucasian Americans are left to languish while a man described by the DEA as one of the most dangerous people on the planet has been freed to resume arming terrorists for the sake of a woman who publicly disrespects her own country. We are instructed to regard this as a racist “lack of attention.”

Only an Expert could be so flagrantly full of crap.

“And then there are other demographic characteristics, including the fact that she is openly gay, that she is gender nonconforming, not traditionally feminine — all of these work against public sympathy for someone in her position,” Gilbert added.

Poor Brittney. Let’s hope Whelan and Fogel spare a tear for her while they toil in their labor camps as the rich celebrity wallows in her luxuriant oppression.

On a tip from Lyle.


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