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Apr 13 2021

Fauci: Still No Eating and Drinking Indoors

Some thought that they could go back to living, now that vaccines are widely available. Sorry; Dr Fauci says no:

In a Sunday discussion with MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan, the infectious diseases expert warned people against congregating indoors to consume food and beverages in any fashion while unmasked.

Dr Fauci says publicly eating or drinking indoors without your mask on is “still not okay.” He also says you have to wear a mask even if you get vaccinated. Maybe you had better make that a double mask — or even a triple.

Liberals will hug their Fauci pillows snugly, reassured that the wise technocrat keeps them safe from harm. However, those who work (or used to work) in the hospitality industry probably don’t own any Fauci pillows.

On a tip from Varla.


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One Response to “Fauci: Still No Eating and Drinking Indoors”

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