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Dec 09 2021

Fox News Christmas Tree Suspect Freed Without Bail

You probably already guessed what would become of Craig Tamanaha, the derelict with a lengthy rap sheet who captured the progressive spirit by setting fire to the patriotically themed 50-foot Christmas tree in front of Fox News headquarters in New York early Wednesday morning. That’s right; released without bail:

[Tamanaha] was freed after his arraignment Wednesday night because his charges were not eligible for bail under new liberal reform laws.

Moonbats whooped with delight to see the tree go up in dense black smoke in front of the building that houses not only Fox News but also the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.

Arson, criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and criminal trespass are among the charges faced by Tamanaha, assuming he ever shows up in court to face them. None of these crimes are considered serious enough in New York to warrant keeping him off the street.

Arson only counts as a big deal if the intent is to harm someone physically or if it is a “hate crime” — i.e., if the victim is a member of an identity group favored by the ruling class. Hatred of Christmas, Christians, and Fox News does not count as hate, because our liberal overlords hate them too.

Two open warrants for desk appearance tickets were also vacated by the judge.

Looks like Tamanaha will have to go full Darrell Brooks before authorities will put him in a cage where he belongs.

Last week, Tamanaha also allegedly exposed himself to a group of reporters outside the Ghislaine Maxwell trial in Manhattan, a photographer told The Post.

He was captured on camera moments after pulling down his pants to show his privates on the first day of the high-profile trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend, said Jeenah Moon, a freelance journalist.

Ms Moon reports on a guy pulling his pants down. Welcome to clown world.

Anarchotyranny (a.k.a. liberalism) is a lousy system for decent, law-abiding citizens forced to subsist under the thumb of Big Government. New York is so repressive that a vaccine mandate has been announced for all private workers as of December 27; 5-year-olds will have to be vaxxed to go in a restaurant. But anarchotyranny works great for sociopaths, who can do as they please without hindrance or consequence.

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