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Dec 25 2023

Italian Church Presents Lesbian Nativity Scene

Bad enough that in Europe, nativity scenes are beheaded or torched by Islamic colonists. This is worse, because the attack comes from the inside. In place of Mary and Joseph, a depraved nativity scene in Italy presents Jesus in the manger with lesbian mothers, one wearing the rainbow colors of politicized perversion:

The priest at the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, in Capocastello di Mercogliano, a hamlet in the province of Avellino about one hour’s drive east of Naples, has defended its depiction of the birth of Jesus.

“I wanted to show with this scene that families are no longer just the traditional ones,” Father Vitaliano Della Sala told Reuters.

Destroying the family so that the human race can no longer thrive and prosper is not a Christian objective but a Satanic one. The same goes for the celebration of sin.

Father Della Sala, known in Italy for sympathising with LGBT and left-wing causes, says his attitude is in line with that of Pope Francis, who this week, in a landmark ruling, allowed priests to bless same-sex couples.

The Bible condemns homosexuality adamantly throughout both Testaments. But the Bible will become irrelevant if leftists succeed in hollowing out the content of Christianity, leaving the outer shell in place to be refilled with its opposite: hatred of humanity and the worship of sin.

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Dec 24 2023

Jesus Replaced With “Cuckoo” Because Sensitivity

The War on Christmas often goes over the top in Europe, with climate kooks painting Christmas trees orange and Islamic colonists beheading manger displays or setting them on fire. But it can also be relatively subtle, as when kids are made to replace Jesus with the word “cuckoo” in Christmas carols in Italy:

The episode took place in a primary school in the municipality of Agna, where fundamental changes were made to the lyrics of a song for the annual Christmas party. Instead of “Jesus will soon be born”, the children had to sing “Cuckoo is made from above”. And furthermore, the passage “Where the angels prepare Jesus’ birth” was replaced with “All together prepare a feast in the blue sky”.

With these changes, the school reportedly wanted to show consideration for the feelings of non-Christian children and parents.

The importation of millions of Muslims is exploited as a pretext to suppress European culture. Assimilation is not only out of the question, it would defeat the purpose. But remember, if you don’t agree that “Jesus” should be replaced with “cuckoo” in Christmas carols, you are an insensitive bigot who is mean to immigrant children.

Dec 22 2023

Satanic Christmas Display at Michigan Capitol

Michael Cassidy destroyed the Satanic yuletide display at the state capitol in Iowa. But given the gale force cultural winds they have at their backs, Satanists were not about to stop there:

The Satanic Temple (TST) unveiled a new display at the Michigan State Capitol Monday, just days after its statue in Iowa was torn down, according to a post on X.

TST’s display of Baphomet in the Iowa State Capitol building was destroyed after a Christian veteran beheaded the statue, claiming that he would not stand by as Christians continue to “submissively accept the legitimization of Satan.”

The X post:

If they would let Gretchen Whitmer be Governor, why not put Satanists in charge of the Christmas decorations?

Satanists have also put their stamp on Christmas decor in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Note this is not in depraved cesspools of degeneracy like New York and the Left Coast, but in the Midwest heartland. The rot is deep.

Meanwhile, those who put up legitimate Christmas decorations risk the wrath of liberal authorities.

On tips from Htos1av and Chris Neilson.

Dec 21 2023

Pennsylvania Educrats Ban Christmas Spirit

Sometimes, the War on Christmas is theatrical, as when nativity scenes are torched or beheaded by Islamic colonists and Christmas trees are spray-painted by climate kooks in Germany. More often, the Christmas spirit is quietly snuffed out behind the scenes by bureaucrats and educrats, so that future generations will never know that it once existed:

A Keystone State school board is banning school bus drivers from putting up Christmas decorations. On Friday, just over a week before Christmas, the Wallingford-Swarthmore school district in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, issued a memo to school bus drivers saying, “If you have decorated your bus with anything specific to the Christmas Holiday or any other decorations relating to a specific religion, please remove them immediately.”

Clothing that reminds people of Christmas was also banned.

A note adds that the policy is not specific to school bus drivers but “APPLIES TO ALL DISTRICT EMPLOYEES.”

Failing to exclude people who celebrate Christmas would not be “inclusive,” per liberal ideology.

The ultimate objective is to eradicate not only Christmas and not only Christianity but our entire culture, so that it may be replaced with unmitigated moonbattery. The War on Christmas is part of a broader campaign of cultural genocide.

According to Fox 29 Philadelphia, the school district clarified Friday night that their intent was “not clear” and reversed the ban on holiday decorations and clothing, emphasizing instead a need for bus drivers to create “an inclusive environment.”

Though American society lies largely in ruins, the war isn’t over. Pushback still sometimes works.

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Dec 21 2023

German Climate Kooks Defile Christmas Trees

The Muslim colonists who torch and behead nativity scenes aren’t the only ones in Germany lacking the Christmas spirit. There are also the climate kooks:

German climate protesters defiled Christmas trees in seven different cities [last] Wednesday, spraying them orange in the name of climate activism.

Thou shalt have no gods before the global warming hoax, shriek the deranged moonbats:

“Amidst the flashing lights, shiny jewelry and festive atmosphere, it’s easy to forget: We’re racing full speed towards catastrophe and our governments are failing miserably to pull the emergency brake in Dubai,” a woman proclaimed in German in a video.

The reference is to COP28, to which globalists flew in private jets from every corner of the world to discuss how to impose authoritarianism and radically reduce our standard of living in the name of the supposedly imperiled climate.

The level of malice and psychosis presented by the climate cult is alarming. The scariest part is that a likeminded kook was in Dubai representing the US government.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Dec 18 2023

Nativity Scene Beheaded in Germany

Nativity scenes are under siege in occupied Europe. From Germany:

The people of Rüsselsheim are shocked: the nativity scene is located at the Protestant market church in the heart of the city, right next to the town hall, during the Advent season. The figures of the Holy Family with Jesus are life-size. …

But on the morning of December 17, the nativity scene looks like a battlefield. All the figures have had their heads cut off. Joseph has been kicked over, Mary beaten away. Jesus is first missing, later found under the rubble.

The local trade association attempted to play this off as “a macabre joke.” Not many get the humor.

The perpetrators could be moonbats; more likely, they are Muslims imported by moonbats.

For Europeans considering a traditional ham for Christmas dinner, better sniff it first before you buy. Muslims disapprove of pork:

On a tip from Wiggins.

Dec 17 2023

North African Torches Nativity Scene in Italian Church

The Christmas spirit of Europe’s Islamic conquerors isn’t limited to beating up Santa Claus. Festivities also include setting fire to nativity scenes — and the churches that house them.

From Italy:

On Friday afternoon, the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Santa Elisabetta di Villastanza, a district of the municipality of Parabiago, was badly damaged by an arson fire.

The flames are said to have started from the nativity scene housed in the church building, which was set alight by a man of North African origin who then fled from the church on foot…

The nativity scene caused large flames and smoke, which damaged the wooden parts and a 17th century organ.

The organ will not be the last treasure of European heritage to be damaged.

As Mayor Raffaele Cucchi observes,

“This is an attack on our traditions, our religion and our culture.”

That is the most likely motive not only of the vandal but of the leftists who imported millions like him, knowing they have no intention of assimilating into a culture they despise and have been waging a war of eradication against for the past 1,400 years.

Dec 10 2023

Christmas in a Country on Its Way to Hell

In Joe Biden’s America, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — Christmas just outside hell:

Via Breitbart:

The Satanic Temple set up a holiday homage to the occult “deity” Baphomet in the Iowa Statehouse…

The display, which features “a ram’s head covered with mirrors on a mannequin cloaked in red clothing,” will be on display at the Capitol for 14 days.

The campaign is nationwide:

In November, the Satanic Temple of Wisconsin put up a Christmas tree covered in pentagrams at the National Railroad Museum’s Christmas tree festival.

In December 2021, the Illinois Capitol rotunda featured an installation of the Satanic Temple’s “deity” Baphomet, which was laid like a baby in a manger.

Galatians 6:7 comes to mind:

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

So does this warning from a Founding Father:

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. - Thomas Jefferson

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Dec 03 2023

Call of the Muezzin Opens German Christmas Market

In Germany, traditional Christmas markets are opening. It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas — Christmas in Istanbul:

Via Allah’s Willing Executioners:

In Karlstadt, a tranquil little town in Franconia, the Andreasmarkt took place on November 26, which this year was intended to bring visitors closer to Islam.

Because that’s what Christmas is all about nowadays.

After the opening, the event continued in the spirit of oriental-Islamic customs: relevant Muslim prayer practices were presented on stage, for example the postures in which symbolic submission should take place.

Christian Christmas carols were completely dispensed with at the advertised “pre-Christmas flea market”, with a children’s choir performing Muslim songs instead.

Speaking of Istanbul, it was the capital of the Christian world for many centuries. But then the Byzantine empire fell to Islam — like Germany is doing, except it put up a fight.

At least the Karlstadt Christmas market might be spared an Islamic terror attack, like the truck bomb that killed 12 in Berlin a few years ago, and the plot intended to “kill as many as possible” at the Cologne Christmas market that was just foiled.

Nov 30 2023

Falling Christmas Part II

The symbolism of the national Christmas tree falling over was relatively subtle. The Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting ceremony more explicitly reflects civilization under siege:

In the context of recent events, few could be unaware that the Palestinian flag represents Islamic terrorists, who are supported by Western leftists with increasing openness. They have a common enemy: us.

Remember the outpouring of support for the NYPD after officers bravely rushed into the World Trade Center just before it collapsed? The climate in New York City has changed:

As Legal Insurrection reported last night:

It’s getting nasty outside of the Fox News headquarters. The Anti-Israel protesters are fighting with the cops and even set one NYPD hat on fire.

The original intent was to disrupt the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony, which is happening a block away.

It isn’t just New York. On the other side of the country:

Antisemitic Antifa activists, anarchists and other radicals targeted the Seattle Starbucks Reserve Roastery as part of a call to “Block Black Friday.” …

Activists promoted direct action by sharing social media flyers. The flyer claims the protest and mass vandalism were “autonomously organized by Seattle area radicals, anarchists, and community members.” The hope was to “shut [Black Friday] down for Palestine.” …

The damage was significant, yet Seattle Police (SPD) did not intervene.

Police in Seattle have been marginalized to the point of irrelevance in the name of scumbag criminal/liberal demigod George Floyd.

As in the rotting Big Apple, Christmas came under attack:

The group marched into downtown Seattle after their assault on Starbucks. Once there, they disrupted the annual Seattle Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

“Once the group descended upon Westlake Plaza, they spread out within the hundreds of Christmas capitalists gathered for the absurd celebration of excessive consumption,” the Puget Sound anarchist wrote.

Islamic terrorism, hatred of all things Christian, Marxism. Sign up for the Muslim—moonbat alliance and you get the whole package.

The author admits that activists “took over the stage soon after arriving and started throwing Christmas decorations to the ground and trashing the scenery.” There were a handful of activists who stayed on the stage, holding a banner reading “From Turtle Island to Gaza: Land Back.” Land Back refers to a movement of literal land reclamation to its so-called original stewards.

Regarding Turtle Island,

Turtle Island is a name for Earth or North America, used by some Indigenous peoples, as well as by some Indigenous rights activists.

This confirms that leftists support the terrorists attempting to eradicate Jews from their homeland as part of an overall philosophy that everyone white or “white-adjacent” should be eradicated or at the very least confined to Europe, where they are getting swamped into extinction by an endless deluge of welfare colonists from the Middle East and Africa.

While the Christmas tree lightning ceremony was under attack, the police actually arrested someone for vandalizing the Starbucks. The only one arrested was Aly Youssef:

Youssef described himself as a transgender, polyamorous, pansexual, anti-capitalist, autistic Egyptian who is an “honorary member of Trantifa” (a name for transgender Antifa members).

Whether Starbucks would cooperate to allow prosecution was unclear. Most likely, Youssef will go unpunished, with a feather in his/her/its cap to flaunt on social media.

On tips from Wiggins and Barry A.

Nov 30 2023

Falling Christmas

This could be the most emblematic story of the year:

An ill wind knocked over the National Christmas Tree outside the White House Tuesday afternoon, two days before it was set to be officially lit by President Biden.

The stately 40-foot spruce, which had been delivered to the White House Ellipse just south of the executive mansion on Nov. 14, fell at around 2 p.m. ET, according to officials.

The falling tree sums up not only Biden’s incompetence, but the effect leftist rule has had on the heritage and traditions comprising American culture.

On tips from CDaJFunk and seaoh.

Nov 26 2023

Wisconsin Town Disapproves Red and Green Decorations

For now, some liberals are content to subvert Christmas on behalf of their agenda. Target’s Pride Santa, Pride Christmas Nutcracker, and Black Paraplegic Santa ornaments are typical examples. But given that the holiday is based on a faith they hate, anything that reminds them of it will eventually be abolished — even the colors red and green:

Melissa Cantarero Weiss, the deputy city administrator for Wauwatosa, said in an email to city workers that Wauwatosa should have a “welcoming and inclusive environment” during the holiday season, according to the email obtained by Wisconsin Right Now.

When moonbats bark the ominous words “welcoming and inclusive,” they are about to crack down on people they don’t like — namely, normal Americans.

This means no religious decorations and no red or green colors, which are often associated with Christmas, the e-mail outlined.

Christians and everyone else who celebrates Christmas must be excluded because “inclusion.”

“Instead, we encourage you to opt for more neutral and inclusive decorations that celebrate the season without favoring any particular faith belief system,” according to the email.

The only faith system people are allowed to honor is the one known as liberalism/wokeism/political correctness/moonbattery. Islam is an exception, in light September 11 and October 7.

Context matters. Libs don’t mind red if it represents communism. Green is good if it represents environmental radicalism or Islam.

Having pushed the envelope too far too fast, the bureauweenies were compelled by public reaction to walk back their decree — by a couple of millimeters:

City Administrator Jim Archambo said Tuesday the original email was not a policy directive or a requirement to decorate one way or another. Rather, it was an ask for employees to consider all members of Wauwatosa’s community before deciding how to decorate public spaces in city-owned government buildings.

They’re not telling; they’re asking. For now. But if you like your job, shy away from red and green decorations at the office.

On a tip from Franco.

Nov 22 2023

Pride Santa and the Pride Christmas Nutcracker

Like every other cherished aspect of our culture, Christmas will be defiled and repurposed before it is erased altogether by the leftist social engineers who control major corporations like Target. If Black Paraplegic Santa doesn’t fill you with the woke answer to Christmas spirit, try Pride Santa and the Pride Christmas Nutcracker:

The Nutcracker figurine is holding a “progress” flag, which merges the LGBTQ+ flag with others representing transgender individuals, and black and brown people, while the “Pride Santa” features St. Nicholas holding the rainbow Pride flag.

It becomes ever more obvious why pride is listed among the Seven Deadly Sins.

Also available for purchase online is a “Love is Love” ornament.

The slogan “Love Is Love” relieves social engineers from having to add ever more letters to the LGBTQIA+++ acronym. It is a specifically sexual restatement of the nihilist motto, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” Note that Pride Santa wears it plastered across his chest:

A careful analysis of the word “Christmas” reveals that it originally had something to do with Christianity. Before the book is banned for being homophobic, get hold of a Bible and learn what Christianity has to say about sexual deviancy.

Target lost $10 billion in market valuation in 10 days due to backlash against promoting the LGBTification of children. Those in charge don’t care. Big Business isn’t about profit anymore; it is about the Agenda.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Nov 17 2023

Black Paraplegic Santa

Until social engineers have finished transforming Christmas into a pointless celebration of winter that will then be abandoned altogether, they repurpose it to promote their ideology. Santa Claus is now black and paraplegic:

As progress marches forward, next year paraplegic black Santa will be wearing a skirt and fishnet stockings.


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