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Dec 09 2021

Fox News Christmas Tree Suspect Freed Without Bail

You probably already guessed what would become of Craig Tamanaha, the derelict with a lengthy rap sheet who captured the progressive spirit by setting fire to the patriotically themed 50-foot Christmas tree in front of Fox News headquarters in New York early Wednesday morning. That’s right; released without bail:

[Tamanaha] was freed after his arraignment Wednesday night because his charges were not eligible for bail under new liberal reform laws.

Moonbats whooped with delight to see the tree go up in dense black smoke in front of the building that houses not only Fox News but also the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.

Arson, criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and criminal trespass are among the charges faced by Tamanaha, assuming he ever shows up in court to face them. None of these crimes are considered serious enough in New York to warrant keeping him off the street.

Arson only counts as a big deal if the intent is to harm someone physically or if it is a “hate crime” — i.e., if the victim is a member of an identity group favored by the ruling class. Hatred of Christmas, Christians, and Fox News does not count as hate, because our liberal overlords hate them too.

Two open warrants for desk appearance tickets were also vacated by the judge.

Looks like Tamanaha will have to go full Darrell Brooks before authorities will put him in a cage where he belongs.

Last week, Tamanaha also allegedly exposed himself to a group of reporters outside the Ghislaine Maxwell trial in Manhattan, a photographer told The Post.

He was captured on camera moments after pulling down his pants to show his privates on the first day of the high-profile trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend, said Jeenah Moon, a freelance journalist.

Ms Moon reports on a guy pulling his pants down. Welcome to clown world.

Anarchotyranny (a.k.a. liberalism) is a lousy system for decent, law-abiding citizens forced to subsist under the thumb of Big Government. New York is so repressive that a vaccine mandate has been announced for all private workers as of December 27; 5-year-olds will have to be vaxxed to go in a restaurant. But anarchotyranny works great for sociopaths, who can do as they please without hindrance or consequence.

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Dec 08 2021

Covid Christmas Cringefest

The moonbat establishment has more effective means of waging War on Christmas than setting fire to Christmas trees.

Via The Hill:

Jimmy Fallon is giving a boost to COVID-19 vaccine boosters, teaming up with Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion for an offbeat, Christmas-themed music video encouraging Americans to get “in line” for the shots.

See how many seconds of this you can endure:

If Christmas can survive this, it can survive anything.

Unless they are just trying to annoy us, the video did not have the intended effect on Paul Joseph Watson:

On a tip from KirklesWorth. Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Dec 08 2021

War on Christmas Escalates to Arson

Combine progressives’ perennial War on Christmas and hatred of Fox News for deviating from the Democrat party line with the normalization of political violence during the Black Lives Matter riots and you are bound to see incidents like this:

The massive All-American Christmas Tree outside Fox News’ New York City headquarters was seriously damaged in a fire early Wednesday…

Unlike most Black Lives Matter violence, this has resulted in an arrest.

Fox News security spotted the suspect, later identified as Craig Tamanaha, climbing the 50-foot-tall tree at the center of Fox Square just after midnight. The Sixth Avenue and 48th Street location is in the heart of Midtown.

Tamanaha’s résumé features homelessness and arrests for drug possession and public intoxication.

The red, white and blue-themed tree was 50 feet high, decorated with 10,000 glass ornaments and 100,000 lights. It took workers 21 hours to assemble the decorations.

No matter how much time and effort it takes decent people to create something, lowlifes can usually destroy it easily.

The Fox News tree isn’t alone:

An arson investigation has been launched after the Christmas tree at Oakland’s Jack London Square was partially damaged in a fire early Monday morning.

The flames did more damage to the lighting than to the 55-foot tree itself. It is unclear whether the official tree lighting will still take place Saturday as scheduled. A potential suspect fled the scene on a bicycle.

After the liberal establishment spent most of 2020 egging on rioting, which is now socially acceptable if associated with a left-wing cause, it would be naive not to expect a surge in arson and vandalism by the dregs of society.

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Dec 03 2021

Seth Rogan’s Moonbat Christmas Series Santa Inc

Moonbats can turn anything toxic by injecting their ideological poison into it — even Christmas. What else would you expect of a Christmas series featuring lefty idiot Seth Rogan if not unwatchable sludge like Santa Inc?

Paul Joseph Watson sums it up:

“His new HBO show Santa Inc portrays Father Christmas as a cynical bigoted fraud who weaponizes his white privilege to exploit women and people of color.”

Be sure to tune in if you want to wallow in the woke alternative to Christmas cheer.

The liberal establishment can serve up this slop and tell us it’s our culture, but they can’t make us like it.

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Jul 16 2021

Disney World Cancels Christmas

Leftists’ annual War on Christmas is off to an early start this year. Hyperwoke Disney has already fired the first cannon blast of 2021:

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, an extremely popular yuletide tradition, is going to be rebranded. Instead, the Magic Kingdom will host a night time show.

The new “don’t call it Christmas” event is called ‘Disney Very Merriest After Hours’ – a generic, holiday-themed celebration.

The word “merry” may be all that survives of Christmas tradition if moonbattery prevails.

Like every other facet of our cultural heritage, Christmas has been deemed “noninclusive” and therefore “offensive.” Those who find generic winter scenes too drab are allowed to celebrate one of our proliferating black supremacist holidays, Kwanzaa.

More purging at Disney World:

Among the “offensive rides” that have been updated are Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain – a ride inspired by Song of the South. They also plan to update the Jungle Cruise over concerns about the depictions of natives.

Only that which woke scolds have not gotten around to declaring to be offensive is allowed in the public square. What remains of American culture becomes ever narrower as it shrinks away to nothing.

Disney also eliminated the words “ladies and gentlemen” and “boys and girls” from recorded greetings at its theme parks.

What is the point of an amusement park for children when even the concepts of boys and girls have been canceled?

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Dec 28 2020

Kamala Harris Panders on Kwanzaa

It is hard to distinguish yourself for phoniness within the Democratic Party, but Kamala Harris manages. She even manages to outdo herself. Remember when this former prosecutor boasted that she smoked marijuana while listening to Tupac Shakur in college, despite Shakur’s first album appearing years after she had graduated? She tops that by proclaiming that “multiple generations” of her family have celebrated Kwanzaa, which was invented in 1966 and didn’t take hold until the late 70s.

Via The Blaze:

“You know, my sister and I, we grew up celebrating Kwanzaa. Every year our family would – and our extended family, we would gather around, across multiple generations, and we’d tell stories. The kids would sit on the carpet and the elders would sit on chairs, and we would light the candles…”

Sure. Amid wreathes of marijuana smoke, with Tupac rapping about offing b*tches in the background.

If Kamala Harris has a redeeming quality, it is that the stories she tells about herself while racially pandering are not true. Her father was born in Jamaica, her mother in India, and she spent much of her childhood in Canada. There is virtually no chance that Kamala Harris grew up celebrating the exclusively American contrived holiday Kwanzaa — which is a good thing.

Like Harris, Kwanzaa is pernicious and fake. It was invented by Ronald Everett (a.k.a. Ron Karenga, Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga), who also founded the black nationalist cult United Slaves and was convicted in 1971 of torturing two of its female members.

Before progressives declared war on Christmas, it served to unite us. That was never the point of Kwanzaa, the purpose of which was the “de-whitizing” of the holiday season, according to Al Sharpton. Karenga’s goal was to give blacks “a holiday of their own.” It is to Christmas what “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (the so-called black national anthem) is to the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Again we see that Kamala Harris is not ready for the big leagues and probably never will be. She is so conspicuously awful that her own presidential campaign collapsed before the primaries, despite her prized Woman of Color status. That’s why the powers behind the scene had to use the disoriented and easily corrupted Joe Biden as a Trojan horse to get her into office.

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Dec 25 2020

Communist Christmas

As Marx and Lenin recognized, Christianity is incompatible with communism. So as communism is incrementally imposed on America, Christmas will be increasingly less about Christ and more about doing what you’re told:

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Dec 20 2020

Christmas Canceled in UK

Like the perpetual progressive campaign against liberty, the War on Christmas has become more forceful thanks to exploitation of COVID-19. Boris Johnson said it would be “frankly inhuman” to cancel Christmas. Then he canceled it. Paul Joseph Watson brings us up to date on Airstrip One’s coronavirus-enabled yuletide lunacy:

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Dec 11 2020

The War on Christmas and the Global Warming Hoax

Sending nasty anonymous letters to people who decorate their houses for Christmas may generate a pleasant sensation of smug self-righteousness, but progressives must always progress further. What could be the next step in the War on Christmas? Maybe Democrat pols like Cynthia Johnson will dispatch Black Lives Matter goons to firebomb houses displaying colored lights. Or maybe, considering the likelihood that Joe Biden will declare that the global warming hoax is a “national emergency” so that his handlers can implement extreme measures, there will be direct federal action. We might have to ask ourselves: what would Jimmy Carter do if he were on top of today’s authoritarian Democrat Party?

From the POTUS Geeks corner of LiveJournal:

In 1977, Carter convinced Congress, controlled by his party, to create the United States Department of Energy. He intended that its goal would be energy conservation. Carter brought in oil and natural gas price controls. To lead by example, he had solar hot water panels installed on the roof of the White House, and had a wood stove in his living quarters. He ordered the General Services Administration to turn off hot water in some federal facilities, and requested that all Christmas light decorations remain dark in 1979 and 1980.

Today’s Democrats might be more specific and create a new Department of Energy Suppression. We no longer have an energy crisis. The USA has become the world’s leading producer of oil and natural gas. But we will have an energy crisis again as soon as Democrats can impose one.

Bleated Carter during his infamous Malaise Speech,

“I’m asking you for your good and for your nation’s security to take no unnecessary trips, to use carpools or public transportation whenever you can, to park your car one extra day per week, to obey the speed limit [it was 55 mph at the time], and to set your thermostats to save fuel….”

These days Democrats don’t ask; they tell. After Biden’s handlers have created the Department of Energy Suppression, its first act may be to ban Christmas lights so as to prevent the global climate from fluctuating.

On a tip from Lyle.

Dec 10 2020

Moonbat Neighbor Rebukes Nurse Over Christmas Lights

Another December means another installment in the moonbat War on Christmas. The low-profile light display on her home helped cheer up nurse Kim Hunt of St Anthony, Minnesota, who works a dangerous and depressing job on a coronavirus ward. Still more depressing are the leftist grinches who disapprove of holiday cheer. Hunt and her husband received an anonymous letter dripping with the sanctimonious malice that characterizes today’s liberal ruling class:

“I couldn’t help but notice your Christmas lights display. … The idea of twinkling, colorful lights are a reminder of divisions that continue to run through our society, a reminder of system biases against our neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas or who can’t afford to put up lights of their own.”

Unless everyone chooses to celebrate Christmas, no one should celebrate Christmas. Because tolerance and diversity.

The condescending progressive preachiness dial is then cranked to 11:

“We must do the work of educating ourselves about the harmful impact an outward facing display like yours can have. I challenge you to respect the dignity of all people, while striving to learn from differences, ideas, and opinion of our neighbors.”

Once properly educated regarding differences, everyone will conform to political correctness with 100% homogeneity, and no moonbat will ever again have to grouse about Christmas lights.

“We must come together collectively and challenge these institutional inequities; St. Anthony is a community welcoming of all people and we must demand better for ourselves.”

A welcoming community of all people — except those who celebrate Christmas.

The mentality of this letter explains how it is possible that Democrats get elected.

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