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Apr 08 2024

Gender-Affirming Care and the Slippery Slope: Part II

Senselessly severed fingers are not the only horrors that have already come to pass as we slide down the slippery slope from sex change procedures. A Pandora’s box is opening, releasing as if through a portal from hell a phantasmagorical cornucopia of the heinous and bizarre:

The Crane Center for Transgender Surgery in Austin bills itself as a world leader in operations for non-binary people – those who don’t identify exclusively with one gender.

Curtis Crane’s practice also has locations in San Francisco and Boulder. Where you have a high concentration of leftists, nightmares are brought to life.

The surgeries include giving patients a penis and vagina, or completely removing their sex organs, essentially ‘Barbie-dolling your genitals,’ as one critic put it.

The center’s director, Dr Curtis Crane, has previously bragged he couldn’t ‘think of a surgical request that I haven’t been able to fulfil.’

Maybe he would be the one to ask about whole body amputation for body integrity dysphoria.

In the olden days, we treated mental illness by attempting to bring sick people’s perceptions into line with reality. Now it works the other way around.

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