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Oct 28 2021

Growing Up Under Moonbat Parents During Covid

Pity any child growing up under liberal parents during the age Covid hysteria. A moonbat gave an idea of what it’s like by writing to a Slate advice column, wondering how she could ever trust her 11-year-old daughter again after the girl sat on the same couch as her friend, neither wearing a Covid muzzle, the two even putting their hands into the same bowl of chips.

That is all the girl did, after a year and a half of submissively obeying senseless mandates like only talking to her friends from opposite ends of the driveway or patio while wearing masks. The hysterical response:

I immediately told her friend that she had to go home and to please inform her mother to call me at her earliest convenience. I then expressed my disappointment with my daughter and informed her how dangerous what she did was.

That is, the Covid Karen subjected the poor girl to a barrage of shrill lies. In reality, the ChiCom virus poses no significant risk to 11-year-olds. It is less of a danger to them than everyday influenza.

We took all the necessary steps to remain safe. She immediately quarantined in her bedroom for the suggested two weeks. I cleaned the house thoroughly and opened multiple windows to circulate the air. Luckily, we all came out of this debacle safely.

I still don’t feel I can trust her, though.… She put her life at risk. How do we start building the trust back?

A better question is how the girl will ever trust her parents not to be neurotic tyrants.

The moonbats at Slate mercifully suggest that the parents go easy on her, other than “thinking twice before leaving her unsupervised again anytime soon.”

At least there is a silver lining. Any child who survives this kind of upbringing with an unbroken soul will be a pro-liberty countermoonbat for life.

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