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Oct 27 2021

Hippopotamuses Are People Too

Flawed ideologies can be debunked by extending their precepts to their logical conclusions. This is called “reductio ad absurdum.” For example, liberalism is exposed as a joke by applying human rights to hippopotamuses:

The offspring of hippos once owned by Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar can be recognized as people or “interested persons” with legal rights in the U.S. following a federal court order.

The ruling does not apply in Colombia, where the invasive hippos are breeding wildly and causing havoc, so that authorities want to kill or sterilize them. But it could have legal consequences closer to home.

In the suit, attorneys for the Animal Legal Defense Fund asked the U.S. District Court in Cincinnati to give “interested persons” status to the hippos…

Federal magistrate Judge Karen Litkovitz in Cincinnati granted the request on Oct. 15. The animal rights group based near San Francisco said it believes it’s the first time animals have been declared legal persons in the U.S.

This is heading in an alarming direction for moonbat demigod Tony Fauci, who is said to bear responsibility for funding sadistic experiments on dogs and monkeys.

If applied consistently, left-wing ideology would cave in on itself, leaving nothing but a black hole of absurdity. So moonbats avoid consistency. Whereas hippopotamuses qualify as people, prenatal humans do not. Leftists are not consistent even in their absence of compassion regarding abortion. Municipal employees of hyperliberal Portland qualify for bereavement leave if they feel blue after killing their babies.

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